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I've started playing Mabinogi again after an almost 3 year absence

I've started working on a new main for my Mabi account named Vennator on the Ruairi server so I'll probably be updating this page accordingly.

Server {{{Server}}}
Race Human
Age 17 Title "Savior of Erinn"
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP "unknown"
Life 219 Mana 94
Stamina 62 Damage 76-112
Defense 21 Protection 0
Strength 130 Intelligence 56
Dexterity 63 Will 52
Luck 19 Critical 18%
Hits 6 Speed 7
Attacks Yes Element
Drops Misc Slim Inner Robe, Flamerider Boots, Longsword, Battle Sword, Bracelet, Wood-Rimmed Glasses
Equipment (Same as Drop)
Advice {{{Advice}}}
Additional Information Extremely Dangerous, approach with extreme caution. Can NOT be attacked out of Alby Arena or PvP

Old Me

Obi before first rebirth.

I still have a picture of me before my first rebirth, this picture dates back to.......I would guess early July 08, I have rebirthed many times since then.

not the first day, but first screenshot
me after first rebirth


  • Vennator - lvl 118 - Ruairi - Human
  • Obi - lvl 644 - Ruairi - Human
  • Peachblossem - lvl 145 - Ruairi -Human
  • Blueshadow - lvl 199 - Ruairi - Giant
  • Ewecka - lvl 219 - Ruairi - Elf


My Future Pets

My Wiki Goals

  • Keep the Patches Page up to date (current progress: G4S3)
  • Add New Monsters when spotted (current progress: Chandelier Spider, Goblin Swordsman...ect.)
  • ect.

OLD Mabinogi Goals

  • explore all of Iria (Rano Complete!)
  • Finish G1 on Obi (Complete!)
  • Get an Elf (Complete!)
  • reach lvl 100 on Obi (Complete!)
  • Rebirth Obi (Complete!)
  • buy Holy Moon Armor (Complete!)
  • get a pet Mimic (Complete!)
  • Finish G13 and do G14 (any character) (Complete!)

Current Mabinogi Goals

  • Finish G3 on Obi and Vennator (Complete!)
  • Finish G2 on Peachblossem and Blueshadow
  • Get Ewecka Falcon (G2) (Complete!)
  • Become Master of Final Hit
  • Get Vennator's Paladin to Rank 1
  • Finish G9 and do G10 (any character)
  • Work on the Transformation collection journal.

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