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questions about guild hall in KR

Heh, sorry to spam you questions, but I couldn't help but notice that you were playing in KR and were answering questions...

How much gold/gp does it take to buy one? Do you have to keep buying it? Are furniture sets ranked up like the guild stone, or customizable like items in the house channel house? Are any guild functions available from within in the room or just from the NPC? And how exactly big is it, as in, Is there a limit to chairs/tables? -- ladywinter ~{talk page}~ 02:27, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

You can access to guild hall using guild stone. The hall is located in Tara Castle (means free fast transportation :D) You dont need to have minstream title to access to guild hall. It takes 2000 GP to put guild stone in the hall and takes 4000 GP to activate transport (means that if you dont pay 4000 GP, you cant use guild stone to warp to tara castle. Its... er... big as cathedral in emain macha i guess... i dont know about furniture because im not guild master... my guild's guild hall only has guild stone which do same thing as guild stone at field but allows you to warp to field guild stone vice versa. Hope my explanation help :D --[[User:Fallenone

that helps alot, thank you! -- ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 07:20, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

Re: Question

It is G10 S2 ex. see --Juff 00:40, 22 July 2010 (UTC) Thanks :) Fallenone 00:39, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Status Effects

Please upload the portion of charactercondition.xml and charactercondition.korean.txt that shows the status effects you added so i can look at it and perhaps add the indicators.--Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 22:12, 11 September 2010 (UTC)


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Totally unrelated to mabi103:56, 28 June 2011
Milletians709:28, 21 May 2011
Hey3818:19, 19 May 2011
Marlowe206:38, 26 April 2011
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How strong users will get200:35, 5 April 2011
Ancient Book?112:15, 1 April 2011

Totally unrelated to mabi

Your still working on your homework? Shouldn't you have some type of summer vacation going on? O:<

Fishstickys21:26, 27 June 2011


ill edit right now xD

Fallenonesigniture.PNG03:56, 28 June 2011


Kadalyn17:48, 20 May 2011

That was almost entirely speculative. Though yes it says Lugh is a Milletian. Mari was born to a Tuatha de Danann family (Mores and his wife), and was made into a goddess - not a Milletian. etc. It's not really a debate I want to get into; the point is that most of the accusations are on pure speculation rather than fact, and it seems unnecessary for the section to exist anyway. You're welcome to maintain it on the talk page but I believe that's where speculation should stay.

Kadalyn18:47, 20 May 2011

There is nothing saying Nao is a Goddess, that is purely speculative itself.

Anyways, I am done with this, I don't want to get in an editing war and I hate debating. It is starting to get on my nerves. T_T

Pyrus18:50, 20 May 2011

why not, this debate is fun 8D

before debating whether that person is milletian or not,

we should make

clear definition of Milletian.


look at my talk page 8D this topic is mad interesting 8D

Fallenonesigniture.PNG19:12, 20 May 2011

I already linked to it in the second post. Also, I just don't find debating fun, it's just that. =S I guess it is because personal reasons.

Pyrus19:57, 20 May 2011

heh, alrite.

why dont we let someone else decide?

since we are arguing with our own opinion, not the generals?

Fallenonesigniture.PNG07:56, 21 May 2011

I am no longer in this argument.

Pyrus08:24, 21 May 2011

"has the blood of Lugh Lavada" refers to the Demigod transformation/Elatha's Soul. I guess that shouldn't be on that list because their relationship is a bit iffy, but even so, these is no possible reason for removing those NPCs from the Milletian list.

Pyrus13:43, 17 May 2011

i dont know who the idiot that started the idea that Elatha is the son.

plus Lugh, and other NPCs arent milletiian...

Fallenonesigniture.PNG13:48, 17 May 2011

dragons lived in Erinn before gods.

idk why three warrios and ferghus is milletian. o.o

Fallenonesigniture.PNG13:49, 17 May 2011

Mari/Nao is on there because she has access to the soul stream and rebirth. Tarlach and Ruairi are not on that list.

Aton Cimeni made Erinn, there is no way dragons lived there before it existed. Adniel and Cromm Cruaich at some point in the storyline said they were not from Erinn as well.

Lugh/Morgant claimed to be a Milletian, and it is also stated in Tarlach's record.

Tin and Fleta have been reborn a few times, as stated by tin.

Ferghus is from the world of Vindictus, plus he also has access to the soul stream.

Dougal is from the world of Vindictus but was summoned to Erinn, his original body, the Glas, was separated from his soul. His soul became Dougal (Added Soul Phenomenon).

Any questions?

Post Script: And I do hate that Lugh-Elatha-Neamhain-Triona theory, it has no solid evidence.

Pyrus13:58, 17 May 2011

didnt Lugh claimed to be human, not miletian? sorry if im wrong.

adniel and cromm cruaich is not milletian because they came as their own accord and conquered Iria before Neamhain sealed them in Zardine.

Tin and Fleta and Nao is what they called "길잡이 or guide-post" (i only know the word in korean, but not in English) and is blessed by deity to guide Milletian.

Ferghus.. sigh.... as mentioned by DevCAT, vindictus is parallel world to mabinogi and that was april fools event.... so you cant realy put him as milletian.

same with Dougal.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG14:15, 17 May 2011

Dougal claims to be a Milletian in G1, so he is staying. I will remove Ferghus. =S As for Tin, Fleta, and Nao, idk... How exactly does Fleta guide us in any way? Milletians do not have to be summoned, and conquering Iria has nothing to do with this. And one can be both Human and Milletian, they can also be an Elf, Dragon, Giant, Glas, anything really. Milletian is not a species.

Pyrus14:28, 17 May 2011

isnt the definition of milletian a living soul called upon Erinn by Morrighan?

and idk about Fleta either ;; just thinking since Tin is Fleta's aunt so she must be mysterious blah blah blah.

and did Lugh specifically said he was Milletian? i dun remember C1 very much.

as for Glas, it is one of fallen gods.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG14:30, 17 May 2011

Technically it is Nao, but there have been Milletians before Mari became Nao (Lugh Lavada [They Fight him in a Rabbie RP]). Yes, Lugh is no doubt a Milletian. And Morgant claimed to be Lugh in G3, I believe. And either way, Glas is not from Erinn. He may be a god of another world, but he is not from Erinn.

Pyrus14:38, 17 May 2011

i mean give me the quote where morgant says he is milletian. im kind of interested.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG14:39, 17 May 2011

Here is a quote from Tarlach's record, "According to the Knight of Light, who is a Milletian himself." Tarlach's Record#Questions about the Perception of Time

Pyrus14:55, 17 May 2011

thats you :P

since its after you became the knight of the light, tarlach is using the info given by you.

i dont think Tarlach was old enough since Second Moitura ended 20~30 yrs ago.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG14:58, 17 May 2011

According to the Knight of Light and other Milletians, this occurs across the board amongst all Tuatha Dé Dananns of Erinn. If that is the case, it is unlikely that this is happening as a result of mere forgetfulness

According to the Knight of Light, who is a Milletian himself, several decades have passed since Milletians have first arrived in Erinn. But to my knowledge, from the perspective of a Tuatha Dé Danann, Milletians arrived in Erinn no more than a few years back

Fallenonesigniture.PNG15:00, 17 May 2011

That may be debatable, but "the knight of light" is a term only used in NA to refer to "Lugh the Knight of Light".

Pyrus14:58, 17 May 2011

knight of light is another term for "true" paladin like the definition of the keyword: knight of light.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG15:04, 17 May 2011

The point is, he is referring to Lugh Lavada, not the player.

Pyrus15:07, 17 May 2011

you know, i kind of like this debate. Its so fun 8D im so glad im having it with you cuz last time i had one, that guy was keep dissing and continued to speak nonsense and didnt provided reason.....

Fallenonesigniture.PNG15:09, 17 May 2011

he said "returned" knight of light.

as the returned, he means the power.

if he was stating Lugh, he wouldnt state "returned" but stated "according to the record left by Lugh"

Fallenonesigniture.PNG15:30, 17 May 2011

What could "returned" mean when referring to the player whom never left?

Pyrus15:55, 17 May 2011

returned as in the power.

for example: lord of the ring: return of the king.

Aragon was a heir and he regained his throne. he never left the kingdom though.

g8: dragons say Golden dragon shall return. however, Adniel is a new born dragon.

he is referring to the status/power rather than a person.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG16:08, 17 May 2011

This still does not prove that he is referring to the player or Lugh Lavada.

Pyrus16:15, 17 May 2011

there were only two knight of light: Lugh and You.

its impossible for Lugh to return so only milletian makes sense.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG17:13, 17 May 2011

When is the player ever referred to as the knight of light? Savior of the Goddess and Savior of Erinn Maybe, but Knight of Light?...

Pyrus19:37, 17 May 2011

owo g2 and g3

g2, price say when tabharta smashed you when you transform, "nuu knight of light is invincible~" or sumthing like taht

g3, eavan say, "even though you are knight of light,,,,, blah blah blah

whole storyline of g2 is how you become knight of light. o.o

Fallenonesigniture.PNG19:54, 17 May 2011

Yes, but do they actually call you the knight of light? Verbatim?

Pyrus20:00, 17 May 2011

Dangit, I just went through that part of G3, where you need the fomor robe and Eaven refuses to give it to you. She does refer to you as the knight of light, but ignores that fact and continues to refuse to give it to you.

Glitchfinder22:32, 17 May 2011

so Lugh nao glas ferghus tin fleta dougal dragons

are out of option. am i correct?

Fallenonesigniture.PNG16:21, 18 May 2011

Lugh/Morgant is still being discussed. Glas, Dougal, Cromm, and Adniel are Milletians, there is proof for them in G1, G8, and maybe G3. Tin, Fleta, and Nao idk about, where does it say that they are "guide-post"? I still do not see how the player could have returned.

Pyrus17:03, 18 May 2011
  returned as in the power. 

for example: lord of the ring: return of the king.

Aragon was a heir and he regained his throne. he never left the kingdom though.

g8: dragons say Golden dragon shall return. however, Adniel is a new born dragon.

he is referring to the status/power rather than a person.

therefore, tarlach record is refering to you.

so Lugh isnt Milletian.

just because they are from the other world doesnt mean they are milletian.

All Tuath Danan are from other world too.

so that proves dragon, glas, dougal isnt milltan.

and the detail about Tin used to be in NPC guide in mabi web. he even says, "is all Milletian like that...?" if you talk to him somehow.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG18:00, 18 May 2011

Wait, when does it ever say Tuatha Danann are from other worlds? And yes, being originally from another world does make you a Milletian. And Adniel is not a newborn. He was reborn. That specific Gold Dragon existed before. His personality may be different (him being good or evil), but that does not mean he is a different dragon. All Gold Dragons are the same person. I agree, Lugh/Morgant is not a Milletian, so I will remove him. However, what you have said still doesn't explain how the Milletian "returned". Can you get some proof of Tin and the other Guide posts in NA? Something true in another server may not be true in NA. For example, Nekojima's storyline does not apply in NA. And I still need some more solid proof of KR's Guide Posts.

Pyrus19:12, 18 May 2011

i seriously cannot provide you with proof of Tin except his quote "is all Milletian like that...?" since KR site was revamped after c3 update.

and the beginning of the tarlach record stats that tuatha danann are from other world.

 These Milletians are much different from our people, Tuatha Dé Dananns, Descendants of Dannu. According to legend, our people, Tuatha Dé Dananns, did not originate from Erinn either so it is not really all that strange for a new ethnic group to migrate to Erinn afterall. We are very different overall, and are definitely of a different ethnic group. 

and isnt the requirement for milletian

from another world and came with help from Nao/Morrrighan?

Fallenonesigniture.PNG19:47, 18 May 2011

Keyword "legend". Tarlach does not know for sure himself. Legends are merely glorified rumors.

Legend ( - a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.

Pyrus20:03, 18 May 2011

anyhow, main point is the definition of milletian.

if the definition is "from another world", then feel free to include dragon, glad, and dougal.

however, if it is from another world and came with help from Nao/Morrrighan, then dragon,glas and dougal must be ommiteed.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG20:15, 18 May 2011

It is "From the Stars". And it isn't necessarily with the help with Nao and Morrighan since the Glas came to Erinn with the help of the Fomorians. Lugh, Morgant, and Ferghus are removed. There is no proof on Guide Posts in NA so they will remain. Cromm, Adniel, Glas, and Dougal will also remain.

Pyrus20:24, 18 May 2011

bu8t Dougal and Glas: they dont get into this: "If one has one or all of the following abilities, then he or she is considered a Milletian as long as they are not native to Erinn:

Ability to be reborn. Fast perception of time. Milletian Elves do not share their memories with Memory Tower in Filia. All Milletians experience these symptoms:

Have memories of them with Tuatha de Dananns that slowly fade away. Ability to enter and leave Erinn's Soul Stream."

so they must be out.

as for Mari/Nao, she is Tuath Dannan >.>

Fallenonesigniture.PNG14:27, 19 May 2011

What is your proof on Mari/Nao? Another thing is that Nao never forgets the player, that means she is not a Tuatha Danann. And I'll fix that Error. They can only Enter Erinn's Soul Stream when in Erinn. Let me make a map to show what I mean. I'll update this post in a moment.

UPDATE: World Explanation.png

This is basically how the worlds work. Erinn's Soul Stream is where Nao is. Erinn Soul Stream acts as a gateway between Erinn and other Soul Streams. Glas/Dougal was summoned to Tir Na Nog while he was in another world. Tir Na Nog is connected to Erinn, but not directly connected any Soul Stream. Therefore, he would have to first travel to Erinn to enter Erinn's Soul Stream without otherwise being summoned.

Pyrus15:10, 19 May 2011

the "body" dugald lived in the other world since he was little. the "soul" came to the being by Edith Soul or sumthing like that, which means skipping Soul Stream

Fallenonesigniture.PNG16:15, 19 May 2011

The body Dougal had in Other World was the Glas. When he was summoned to Tir Na Nog, his body became soulless and controlled by the Fomors. Whereas his soul, with the Added Soul Phenomenon, took a new human-form, that is the Duncan-like body. I don't know what Edith Soul is, but he did skip Soul Stream. That is why I wrote a 1-way line on the map. As I said before, something true in Korea may not be true in Japan, United States, or China. Perhaps we are both right. Lets say the Korean->English translation for G1 says a different thing than the original Korean. That may also be a cause for this. As far as I am concerned, based on NA, Dougal is a Milletian is no such thing (or mention) of Guide-Posts.

Pyrus17:33, 19 May 2011

nope. KR and NA is the EXACT copy.

Glas used to be a god but then it was punished by the gods for some unknown reason.

then Fomorian started to recreate a body for Glas from the bones of giant and (was it mythril or adamantium?) in Other World.

after it finished, fomorian called the Glas's soul from the world of gods.

however, something went wrong and the body gained life, but the soul of Glas went into the dying human living in Other World (it was previously conquered by fomorian.)

so Dougal or Glas's soul was pissed at fomorian for forcing him to come to the barren world ask you to destroy his body so that he may be at rest again.

so Dougal/Glas cannot be milletian.......

i wont say anything about guide-post since i cannot provide you with strong fact and im starting to doubt my memories :P

Fallenonesigniture.PNG17:43, 19 May 2011


  • Avon is a prison for gods.
  • Marlowe guards Avon.


  • Marlowe himself is a god.

For all we know, he is just a helper like Nao, or a completely different race. Listen to the other person's side next time. I am not trying to antagonize you, I just don't want the wiki to distribute false/non-canonical information.

Pyrus06:19, 26 April 2011

well i thought since its the world of gods.... and Marlowe guards it..... he is a god too!

but i guess you are right. thanks for the correction ^^

Fallenonesigniture.PNG06:35, 26 April 2011

No problem, thank you for listening. ^-^

Pyrus06:38, 26 April 2011

Re: Can I Do That

So as not to bother EnPassant by continuing on their talk page...

What were you asking? If the reference tags were apart of my admin privileges? I'm confused. :d

--Aramet (Talk)16:55, 19 April 2011

You know how Ikkisuki did a lot of Text replace - " " to " " edit and you did Text replace - "Forgetting" to "Forgetful" ?

Ikkisuki told me that it is admin's previledge to have access to fast multi-edditing.

so i was curious if you could add

There is a chance for any of these stat rolls to not being applied, resulting in no additional points for the respective stat.

to all the weapon page without doing any hard labor.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG17:19, 19 April 2011

o-o isnt that already on artisan upgrades?

κєνıи тαıĸ«)17:48, 19 April 2011

too many people overloook that and continues to edit minimum to 0 so we thought it is nice to have a small note below the upgrade in weapon page.

we put it in artisan upgrade page

artisan uprade for sword for blunt for ranged for wand etc.......

and people still change it to 0.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG17:57, 19 April 2011

It's a replace text feature, so I'd have to enter something like "Artisan Upgrade" and then set it to change to "Artisan Upgrade <ref>abcde</ref>" and then pick all the pages for that to apply to. I don't see how that could work for this case, and most weapon pages don't have the Artisan Upgrade listed yet anyway, as the correct stats are still unconfirmed.

Anyway, it's not too hard to copy-paste that reference tag as the pages are gradually updated. :D

--Aramet (Talk)20:16, 19 April 2011

I wish it supported RegExp, though. :(

κєνıи тαıĸ«)20:28, 19 April 2011

Wait, you guys got ReplaceText working? :D ~小太郎 TALKCONTRIBS 2011:04:21:00:30 (Thursday)

~小太郎 TALK<sub style="margin-left:-26px16:30, 20 April 2011

It always worked.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)16:45, 20 April 2011

Not for me. It always glitched up whenever I tried to open the page. Maybe the plugin wasn't designed to be used by non-admins? ~小太郎 TALKCONTRIBS 2011:04:21:04:29 (Thursday)

~小太郎 TALK<sub style="margin-left:-26px20:29, 20 April 2011

How strong users will get

Just wanting to point out something you said at the end of your page- skill capable of doing 10000+ damage so far: Heat Buster and Throwing Attack. How strong will users get...?

Throwing attack does not do anywhere near 10k. The damage formula doesn't allow it. I've seen somebody with r1 throwing attack as well as using jousting javelins. He didn't get anywhere close to good damage. However, you can replace that with Giant full swing (trans only of course). I've seen that do like 13k fully charged O.o

DANTE20XX18:20, 4 April 2011

ah my bad. I remembered that it was jousting bug. Thank you for correction ^^

Fallenonesigniture.PNG18:27, 4 April 2011

Oh so it did that damage at one point? I never heard of such a bug. I assume it's fixed now. Either way, full swing does indeed do over 10k because it's crazy damage %. It's like over 1000% at r1 or something...Crazy stuff.

DANTE20XX00:35, 5 April 2011

Ancient Book?

Which "ancient book" are you referring to on the Muyu Desert page? I want to link to it, if possible.

--Aramet (Talk)11:13, 1 April 2011

collection book for Fill up the Holy Grail with water.

i was amazed at all the book in C2 o.o i thought it was worst chapter but apparently not.

they dont directly say it was a meteorite. they just say 1000 poisonous eyes from sky, which i infered as meteorites.

Fallenonesigniture.PNG12:07, 1 April 2011