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Dark Knight Quest

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For the in-game script of this quest, see Script - Dark Knight Quest.
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The Dark Knight Quest is a series of quests that allows Paladins to become Dark Knights. The quest chain is given upon completing or skipping Generation 3 and is only available to Humans.

Tarlach's Request

Dark Knight - Dark Knight Armor 01.png Name Tarlach's Request NPC Tarlach

I heard that the Dark Knight Armor can be found in Ciar Dungeon, the place you can reach with the pass I gave you. Can you please get that armor for me? (((Missing Text))) - Tarlach


Gathering Dark Knight Armor Pieces

Dark Knight - Blackness Book.png
Generation 01 - Black Pass.png
Name Gathering Dark Knight Armor Pieces NPC Piaras

? -- ??



Dark Knight - Seumas Portrait.png
Teardrop of the Spirit Artwork.png
  1. You will receive the Piece of Dark Knight Armor Keyword upon receiving this quest.
  2. Talk to Piaras with the Piece of Dark Knight Armor Keyword and receive the Dark Knights and the Armor of Blackness book.
  3. Read the book to obtain The Curse on the Armor of Darkness Keyword.
  4. Talk to Goro in Alby Battle Arena with the The Curse on the Armor of Darkness Keyword to receive the 2nd Piece of Dark Knight's Armor.
  5. You will receive the Acquire the 3rd Piece of the Armor quest. Complete this quest.
    • This quest is given as a sub quest.
  6. Talk to any NPC and you will receive a random message from the Dark Knight Armor in your possession.
    • 1st Message: "Rabbie Dungeon... That's where my brother lives..."
    • 2nd Message: "Go to Rabbie Dungeon... It doesn't matter what you offer on the altar..."
    • 3rd Message: "Don't you want to control Succubus in Rabbie you wish...?"
  7. Drop any item on the Rabbie Dungeon Altar.
  8. Talk to Kristell to receive the Teardrop of the Spirit Keyword.
  9. Deliver a Teardrop of the Spirit to Kristell. You will receive an Albey Dungeon Pass, 4th Piece of Dark Knight's Armor and the Albey Dungeon Pass Keyword.
    • The teardrop can be obtained using the Teardrop of the Spirit Keyword on your Spirit Weapon once per Erinn day.
    • It can only be obtained if you have not already received a blessing from the spirit.
    • The teardrop is also tradeable and can be obtained from another player if you do not have a Spirit Weapon.
  10. Drop the Albey Dungeon Pass on the Albey Dungeon Altar in the Other World.
  11. Talk to Tarlach.
  12. Manually complete the quest to receive 5000 EXP and 1000 Gold.
    • After completing this quest you can become a Dark Knight or choose to complete the Eliminating the Dark Knight Armor quest below.

Acquire the 3rd Piece of the Armor

Dark Knight - Armor Piece 03.pngDark Knight - Lassar Portrait.pngDark Knight - Potion of Restoration.pngHerbalism - Blue(r) Herb.pngDark Knight - Armor Piece 04.png Name Acquire the 3rd Piece of the Armor NPC Seumas

? --

  • This quest must be completed in order to proceed Gathering Dark Knight Armor Pieces.
  1. Talk to Seumas to receive the Fossil of Dark Knight Armor.
  2. Talk to Stewart to receive Potion of Restoration.
  3. Talk to Lassar.
  4. Deliver three Mana Herbs to Lassar and acquire the 3rd Piece of Dark Knight's Armor.
  5. Manually complete the quest to receive 500 EXP.

Eliminating The Dark Knight Armor

Dark Knight - Meven Portrait.pngDark Knight - Tarlach Portrait.png Name Eliminating The Dark Knight Armor NPC Duncan

? -- ??

Blue Lightning Feather Artwork.png
Potion of the Dawn Artwork.png

Becoming a Dark Knight

Dark Knight - Amulet Artwork.png Name Eliminating The Dark Knight Armor NPC Gilmore
Black Wizard (NPC)

At this point no further quests are given. You may follow the instructions below if you wish to become a Dark Knight.

  • Drop the Dark Knight Amulet on the Barri Dungeon Altar.
    1. Talk to Dougal in the Other World with the Where Black Wizard Is Keyword to receive an Albey Dungeon Pass.
    • This is not the same pass given by Kristell previously.
  • Drop the pass on the Albey dungeon altar.
    • This is a dungeon with one floor and only two rooms. The first room is a switch room that spawns four Gray Town Rats. The second room is the boss room which only contains the Black Wizard as an NPC.
    • The Black Wizard will offer you two choices: "Become a Dark Knight" or "Undecided".
      • It is impossible to revert back to a Paladin upon becoming a Dark Knight. Additionally, the Black Wizard will not ask to confirm on selecting "Become a Dark Knight".
      • Choosing "Become a Dark Knight" initiates a cutscene and then transports you to Tir Chonaill, with the Armor of Darkness removed from your inventory. Afterwards, all Paladin skills are converted to their Dark Knight equivalent skills of the same rank (e.g. Spirit of Order becomes Soul of Chaos) and you will learn Control of Darkness (due to having no Paladin equivalent).
      • Choosing "Undecided" will simply remove the Armor of Darkness from your inventory, but keep you inside the dungeon. To leave the dungeon, exit through the entrance. You may return at any point if you wish to become a Dark Knight.
      • If you try to meet the Black Wizard while transform in Paladin, No options will be provided. Instead he will question and mock about player's decision and ask to come back later.