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Kitchen Dungeon

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Basic Information

How to enter a Kitchen Dungeon

  • You cannot enter a Kitchen Dungeon if you have a Shadow Mission.
  • You cannot enter a Kitchen dungeon with other players. This is a solo mission.
  • Glewyas sells recipes, which are used to enter a Kitchen Dungeon.
    • Glewyas sells only one of each recipe every day.
      • Recipes are restocked at 0:00 (12:00 AM) in-game time.
      • If another player purchases a recipe, that recipe will be removed from every player's shop on that channel until it is restocked at midnight Erinn time.
    • Recipes can be purchased regardless of Cooking rank, but you may only enter the dungeon if your Cooking rank meets or exceeds the recipe rank.
  1. First, buy a recipe from Glewyas.
    • The difficulty of the mission is based on your total level:
      • 1~99 Basic
      • 100~299 Intermediate
      • 300~999 Advanced
      • 1000+ Hard
        • Unlike normal Shadow Missions, you cannot choose the difficulty of the mission.
  2. Clicking the Iron Pot will allow you to enter the mission.

Inside a Kitchen Dungeon

  • The moment you enter the dungeon, the timer will start going.
    • Be aware of the recipe's required ingredients and cooking time.
  • There will be an orb in the middle of a Kitchen Dungeon you must hit to start the spawning of monsters.
    • The spawn rate of certain ingredients most nearly matches the ratio of the required ingredients
      • For Example, the Royal Caviar Canape pass would have a spawn rate of 59:47:11, if it were not for Sewer Rats or Silver Tableware spawns)
    • In order for an ingredient to be added, it must be killed inside the red circle.
    • You will not receive gold or experience for killing monsters in Kitchen Dungeons.
    • Ingredients will start off with 100% (or more, depending on difficulty) protection, but will be lowered by 15% each time it is hit with giant cookware.
    • Glewyas also lowers their protection by attacking.
      • The giant cookware that are dropped by Glewyas and Silver Tableware have a large splash radius and angle, which can splash behind you.
  • Silver Tableware will spawn as soon as the 2nd ingredient is killed and occasionally spawn afterward.
    • Silver Tableware count as 5 points if killed in the red circle.
    • Silver Tableware are passive and won't attack you initially.
      • They will attack the ingredients in the dungeon, but they do not decrease the ingredients' protection.
      • If you accidentally attack it directly, it may aggro you.
      • It will attack you if you hit it directly or with splash while it's using Defense
      • If you attack the Silver Tableware while it was attacking an ingredient or Glewyas, it will not aggro you.
  • Occasionally, a Sewer Rat will spawn.
    • When it does, kill it as soon as possible.
    • You must keep the Sewer Rat's corpse off the red circle zone when killing it. Be mindful of where Glewyas is as his splash can cause the Sewer Rat's corpse to land in the red circle, lowering the dish's score.
      • If Sewer Rats are added to the food, points are greatly deducted (-10 ~ -15 points each).
        • When doing Hotcake of Love, Sewer Rats deduct less points if it dies inside the red circle.
  • Points are deducted if you go over the required amount of each ingredients.
    • Points deducted scales as the difficulty of recipes increases.
  • Picking up giant knife that silverware drops will cause ingredients to become more aggressive towards player.

Finishing a Kitchen Dungeon

  • When you finish cooking, you need to hit the large fork. If you score enough points, a chest will appear holding the finished food as a reward.
    • If you run out of time before clicking on the fork, you won't get the food.
  • Tasting adds one point to the overall dish score for every rank, starting at Rank F.
    • ex: Rank F adds 1 point, Rank 1 adds 15 points.
      • This does not allow one to score above 100, however.
  • Talk to Glewyas and select "Show him the food." He will reward you with gold, experience, and if you scored high enough, Royal Food Court Delivery Lists. For a list of rewards, go here.
  • The food taken from the reward chest can be kept and consumed, instead of turned in to Glewyas for a reward.
  • Finishing near the specified time of the Recipe's instructions gives better results than going over the time to get more ingredients.
    • ± ~4 Seconds = No Point Deduction
    • ± ~14 Seconds = -0.1 to -0.9 Points
    • ± ~29 Seconds = -1.0 to -1.9 Points
    • ± ~40 Seconds = -10 Points[1]
    • ± ~120 Seconds = -50 Points
    • Point deduction scales with difficulty rank

Kitchen Dungeon Tips

  • It is recommended to have high damage weapons and skills.
    • High-ranked Evasion is also useful for dodging magic bolts that are often spammed mercilessly by the ingredients.
  • Defeating the main ingredient (or the ingredient you need the most of) should be top priority. Always attack the ingredient you need to even out the recipe.
  • Avoid unnecessary fights with Silver Tableware. They do massive damage. If they bother you and you are strong enough, you may want to take out Silver Tableware.
  • A Chain Cast-4 Firebolt is great for one-hit killing ingredients. A high ranked Lightning Bolt works as well. Different foods have different tolerances to magic and melee damage.
  • If you have an area-of-effect pet, such as an Ice Dragon, use their summoning abilities to control the food and tender them while they're immobile.
  • HP potions are likely needed in lengthy recipes, due to constant magic bolts whittling down health. A high ranked Mana Shield and Mana potions are very useful for harder difficulties.
  • Charge+Smash is good for quickly knocking sewer rats outside of the cooking pot.
  • The knockback range of Flash Launcher is most nearly the radius of the orb to the edge of the red ring, knocking anything from center outside of the pool if aimed properly.
  • Instead of depending on Glewyas attack ingredients, it is advised to defeat the Silver Tableware and use the dropped Cooking Knife instead.
    • Using a Guard Cylinder with this knife allows a Rank 1 Flame Burst to lower their protection five times (reducing by 75%) without knocking them back far.
    • For those who have high Strength, it is possible to simply fight using the cooking knife, taking advantage of its massive splash range and radius. The best way to do this is to knock all of the food as close to each other as possible. Windmill tends to knock back food closer than normal hits with the knife. Use this to keep food close together and inside the pot. Smash knocks back very far. This is good for ingredients like spice you don't want to add too much of.
      • One tactic is to camp the center of the pot where ingredients spawn and attack with the knife very slowly, delaying as much as possible. This serves to reduce many ingredients' protection as much as possible without knocking them back. It works well as long as the ingredients don't charge a bolt or use an occasional melee attack. After sufficient tenderizing (usually indicated when you successfully critical hit an ingredient), one can switch to their main damage dealing weapon or skill.
      • Another tactic is to hit foods with little to no knockback only. You will get more hits in if you don't finish the combo, and you will only knock back foods hit with the splash damage, but it may backfire if the food fights back. This tactic is also good for increasing proficiency with certain weapons.
      • If the splash range of the cooking knife worries the player, a high rank Bash will do it just as efficiently to a single ingredient. Helpful to avoid catching unnecessary ingredients.
  • This dungeon is good for ranking skills with boss kill requirements, especially Windmill, and it pays to have a high Windmill rank to do high critical damage to larger crowds of food.
  • Take advantage of Divine Link's Guardian Oath sub-skill on a Lime Sprite pet. Unifying with it will cause the pet's auto-defense to trigger on received melee attacks, allowing more time to properly aim attacks.
  • The skill Hydra Transmutation will do damage through the food's high defense and protection.
    • Does not tender the food's physical defense and protection.
    • Can be dangerous if too strong, for the fast killing may cause rats to spawn into the poison and die in the dish.

Recipes and Rewards

  • Rewards are based on the food's score and the recipe's rank.
    • Experience and Gold
    • If the food's score is high, you might get one or more Royal Court Food Delivery Lists (1, 2 or 3)
    • You can get a giant cooking weapon (that cannot lower protection of the ingredient monsters and do not have the same splash damage, radius, or range) at Glewyas by exchanging Royal Court Food Delivery Lists, or normal cooking tools that are enchanted with a special scroll.
Recipe Cooking Rank Delivery List # Food Score Cook Time (minutes) Ingredients
60.1 ~ 80.0 80.1 ~ 90.0 90.1 ~ 100
Fruit Juice F 1 1 2 3 5 12 Waters, 21 Fruits
Fried Egg E 2 3 4 6 13 Spices, 28 Eggs,
Sponge Cake D 3 4 5 7 16 Waters, 21 Flours, 11 Eggs
Salad C 2 1 2 3 9 19 Vegetables, 22 Fruits, 12 Eggs
Seafood Fried Rice B 2 3 4 11 24 Vegetables, 16 Spices, 29 Seafood
Herb Garlic Steak A 3 4 5 13 43 Pieces of Meat, 21 Vegetables, 16 Cheeses
Chicken Gratin 9 3 1 2 3 15 51 Pieces of Meat, 33 Cheeses, 11 Spices
Royal Caviar Canape 8 2 3 4 20 59 Fruits, 47 Seafood, 11 Flours

Recipe Recipe Food Time Limit Reward for 80.1+ Quality
Fruit Juice Recipe Fruit Juice Recipe.png Fruit Juice.png 10 Minutes 16000 EXP, 900g (Beginner)
28800 EXP, 1260g (Intermediate)
48000 EXP, 1800g (Advanced)
80000 EXP, 2700g (Hard)
Fried Egg Recipe Fried Egg Recipe.png Fried Egg (Kitchen Dungeon).png 12 Minutes 17500 EXP, 1000g (Beginner)
31500 EXP, 1400g (Intermediate)
52500 EXP, 2000g (Advanced)
87500 EXP, 3000g (Hard)
Sponge Cake Recipe Sponge Cake Recipe.png Sponge Cake.png 14 Minutes 19000 EXP, 1100g (Beginner)
34200 EXP, 1540g (Intermediate)
57000 EXP, 2200g (Advanced)
95000 EXP, 3500g (Hard)
Salad Recipe Salad Recipe.png Salad.png 16 Minutes 21000 EXP, 1200g (Beginner)
37800 EXP, 1680g (Intermediate)
63000 EXP, 2400g (Advanced)
105000 EXP, 3600g (Hard)
Seafood Fried Rice Recipe Seafood Fried Rice Recipe.png Seafood Fried Rice.png 18 Minutes 23000 EXP, 1300g (Beginner)
41400 EXP, 1820g (Intermediate)
69000 EXP, 2600g (Advanced)
115000 EXP, 3900g (Hard)
Herb Garlic Steak Recipe Herb Garlic Steak Recipe.png Herb Garlic Steak.png 20 Minutes 25000 EXP, 1400g (Beginner)
45000 EXP, 1960g (Intermediate)
75000 EXP, 2800g (Advanced)
125000 EXP, 4200g (Hard)
Chicken Gratin Recipe Chicken Gratin Recipe.png Chicken Gratin.png 22 Minutes 27000 EXP, 1600g (Beginner)
48600 EXP, 2240g (Intermediate)
81000 EXP, 3200g (Advanced)
135000 EXP, 4800g (Hard)
Royal Caviar Canape Recipe Royal Caviar Canape Recipe.png Royal Caviar Canape.png 24 Minutes 29000 EXP, 1800g (Beginner)
52200 EXP, 2520g (Intermediate)
87000 EXP, 3600g (Advanced)
145000 EXP, 5400g (Hard)


  1. Needs confirmation