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Alban Knight Golem

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For a list of the Golem family, see here.

Alban Dungeon Monster Alban Knight Golem

Picture of Alban Knight Golem
Alban Knights Training Grounds
  • Boss
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
? Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes100 Multi None
Skills Smash.png100 Defense.png100 Counterattack.png100 Windmill.png100 Rage Impact.png100 Bash.png100 Assault Slash.png100 Human Ranged Attack.png100 Magnum Shot.png100 Crash Shot.png100 Mirage Missile.png100 Arrow Revolver.png100 Rain Casting.png100 Firebolt.png100 Lightning Bolt.png100 Icebolt.png100 Fireball.png100 Meteor Strike.png100 Teleportation.png100 Summon Golem.png100 Night Change.png100 Instinctive Reaction.png100 Celestial Spike.png100 Judgment Blade.png100 Shield of Trust.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100 Unknown.png100 Heavy Stander.png100 Mana Deflector.png100 Natural Shield (Monster).png100
Difficulty Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
60,150 ? - ? (?) ? 0 30,000
99,330 ? - ? (?) ? 0 60,000
200,000 ? - ? (?) ? 0 90,000
350,000 ? - ? (?) ? 0 120,000
702,778 ? - ? (?) ? 0 180,000

Track: The One Who Blocks, The One Who Surpasses