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Portrait of Arenen
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Calida Exploration Camp


Underneath the shadows of his face... rest unfamiliar eyes that shake with even greater uncertainty. His expression is anxious and awkward, like someone who rediscovers himself through a mirror after years of neglect.

Arenen is a well-tanned man wearing a light jacket and a pair of long pants. He prefers to keep himself busy with his work and is usually not too keen to spark conversations, but he will listen if you have something to say. He is one of the three adventurers who went to Zardine with Belita and Kelpie.

Apparently, he knows Voight, and left Qilla camp because of him. He was also sent to bring back Belita. He is also not very close to his family, and dropped out of school because of them, despite having good grades and being well-liked by the teachers.

At one point in time, he was interested in grave-robbing, although not much information is known about that yet.

Music Track Title: A Last Page of the World



Arenen's Equipment


Rank 6
First Aid.png
Rank B
Rank C
Rank A
Rank D
Rank 7
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Rank 6
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Rank 4
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