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Bear (NPC)

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Portrait of Bear (Tarlach)File:Bear (Tarlach).png
Bear (Tarlach)
Race Bear
Gender Male
Location Sidhe Sneachta
(Druid's Altar)


The Brown Bear is stout and well built. Standing solemnly in a white field of snow, it seems to be searching for something. Steam flows out from the bear's mouth with every breath while the bear sniffs the ground from time to time, using its front paw to dig the grass. It constantly looks around, seemingly watching out for some kind of threat or danger.

This Bear resides in the deepest part of Sidhe Sneachta, the Altar of Druids. It appears during the day (6:00am ~ 6:00pm in-game time), otherwise at night (6:00pm ~ 6:00am in-game time) Tarlach will take its place. Unlike other Bears, this one is not hostile. It also has a penchant for Mana Herbs.

After the player completes The Saga: Iria, the Bear disappears from Sidhe Sneachta permanently.

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