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Subject Theta: Containment

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For the monster, see Subject Theta.
Subject Theta Banner.png
Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
Mission Information
Time Limit 15 Minutes
Party Count 1~4
Quest Board Location Sliab Cuilin Geata
Minimum Level None
Minimum Total Level 30,000

On the way to Dugald Aisle from Sliab Cuilin, there is a secret area where...something is being contained. Milletians, I come asking for help to defeat this monstrosity![1]




  • Subject Theta: Containment is an Apocalypse Raid where a team of up to 4 players can battle against a singular but impressive enemy[2].
    • Subject Theta is supposed to be the culmination of the Techniques, pushing players into becoming classic "roles" more than ever before.
  • Players are automatically revived in the Raid, and do not lose Blessings.
    • Players are revived with a free Guardian Soul Stone, including the Invulnerability Frames and new Blessings.


  • Requires Cumulative Level 30,000 and for Generation 23 to be cleared.
  • Requires the completion of the guide quest, An Urgent Request.
    • You will be required to complete one Hard Tech Duinn mission during this quest.
  • All players are required to have selected one of the raid-exclusive Techniques.


  • You cannot use items that provide recovery.
  • You cannot use pets or partners.
  • You cannot use certain movement skills (Anchor Rush, Blink, and Tumble).
  • You cannot stand too close to the walls of the arena. Doing so for too long will teleport you away and stun you for a duration.
  • The raid can only be cleared 3 times a week.
    • A failed raid will not count towards the limit.
    • Clear count is reset at 7:00am PST100 on Thursdays.
  • Changing Technique sets with a different Raid-exclusive Technique will incur a cooldown time of 10 minutes.
    • The cooldown is only applied inside of the Raid and is removed upon leaving the Raid.
  • When you change to a set that has the same Raid-exclusive Technique, the cooldown is not applied.
  • When you change sets, effects from Techniques you have active won't disappear if the new set also has that Technique.

Fail Conditions

  • Fail to defeat Subject Theta in 15 Minutes.
  • Have 4 player deaths across the entire party.
  • Have any player reach 5 stacks of Tainted Matter from Theta's Power Slam attack.

Player Roles

⚔️ Damage Dynamis Rush

Technique Dynamis Rush.png
  • The team only has 15 minutes to kill Theta.
  • Giant players can use a Lance with a Large Shield or a Reforged Cooking Pot, as opposed to other Lance users.

🎻 Support Steadfast Blessing

Technique Steadfast Blessing.png

🛡️ Tank Guardian Impulse

Technique Guardian Impulse.png
  • Giant players can use Taunt to vastly improve their stats if they are under the effects of Tenacious Taunt.
  • Tenacious Taunt and Iron Will are particularly strong because Guardian Impulse makes their durations unlimited.
  • Iron Will allows you to buff your allies with skills like Shield of Trust even while being attack.
  • Players can enter with Guardian Impulse and use Iron Will for the unlimited duration then swap to Dynamis Rush or Steadfast Blessing to maintain Iron Will's strong effect as long as the other Technique sets have Iron Will; this will incur the Technique swap cooldown penalty.

Subject Theta

Subject Theta.png


  • Subject Theta can cover great distances despite moving slowly by teleporting to any player Theta has aggroed.
    • 🛡️ Theta will only teleport to the aggroed player, and will do so more frequently if they are far away from Theta.

Normal Attack

  • Subject Theta attacks the player Theta has aggroed with a series of Normal Attacks.

Power Slam

  • Subject Theta will hit a cone-shaped area with a powerful slam.
    • Theta can aim in any direction, even opposite of the player it has aggroed.
    • The cone-shaped area increases dramatically as Theta loses health (70% HP and 30% HP).
  • If 2 or more party members are in Power Slam's cone, Tainted Matter will cling to their bodies.
    • Players are counted as being in the cone even if they are not hit by the Slam because of Invulnerability Frames.
    • A counter showing the most Tainted party member(s) appears occasionally on the left side of the screen.
    • All Tainted players have pathogens rotating around their body in the amount of stacks they have collected.
    • It is advised to avoid Tainted Matter at all costs; Power Slam becomes significantly less easy to avoid later on in the fight.

Earth Shock

  • Subject Theta will slam the ground in a circular-shaped area, producing a powerful shockwave with high knockback.
    • The circular-shaped area does not increase as Theta loses health.
    • ⚔️🎻 This is a fairly easy attack, so seeing it makes for a good opportunity to punish Theta.

Festering Resentment

  • Subject Theta will target any player with Corrupted energy that eventually explodes.
    • A message will announce the victim and a circular, green timer will appear underneath them.
    • When the inner circle expands to the edge of the outer circle, the explosion will occur.
    • The explosion does a flat 5000 damage.
      • 🛡️ Guardian Impulse, Stardust Veil, and Auto Defense (Melee) will still reduce the damage. Explosion Resistance has no effect.
      • 🛡️ The explosion's damage is divided between all party member who get hit by the explosion.
  • Immediately after exploding, toxic Corrupted Ground will spawn under the victim.
    • Corrupted Ground deals 20% HP every second to any player who remains inside of it. Poison Resistance has no effect.
    • It is recommended to place the Corrupted Ground as close to each other and as far as possible towards the corners/walls.
    • ⚔️🎻 Chain Sweep can be used to safely avoid the explosion damage and place the Corrupted Ground in an optimal spot.

Cursed Swarm

  • Subject Theta attacks any player by summoning Mini Tech Duinn Geatas that charge long, thin lasers.
    • Mini Geatas attempt to target the nearest player, locking in place right before they fire.
      • Mini Geatas will spin to target players when Theta's health is lowered (70% HP).
    • The number of attacking Mini Geatas increases as Theta loses health.
      • The number starts at one/two waves of 3 Geatas (100% HP), increases to 6 Geatas (70% HP), and increases to 9 Geatas (30% HP).

Condensed Force

  • Subject Theta will create an invincible barrier for 45 seconds and summons three Prison Zombies, starting at 70% HP.
    • Red Prison Zombies will only take damage from Physical attacks.
    • Blue Prison Zombies will only take damage from Magical attacks.
    • Green Prison Zombies will only take damage from Ranged attacks.
    • All Prison Zombies will take damage from Meteor Strike, allowing for fast clears.
    • Prison Zombies can Petrify with their attacks and run fast. They can be Frozen, however.
  • Every 15 seconds, Subject Theta's attack will be buffed depending on the remaining Prison Zombies.
    • If any Prison Zombies remain at the end of 45 seconds, Theta recovers health and unleashes a devastating attack that also stuns.
    • If all Prison Zombies are defeated before the end of the 45 seconds, Theta is stunned for the remaining time(?).

Noxious Stone

Red Noxious Stone.png
Yellow Noxious Stone.png
  • Subject Theta will summon three meteors and then proceed to blow them up in the order of their summoning, starting at 50% HP.
    • All meteors will do intense damage.
      • Meteors will explode 5 seconds after visually starting their descent.
    • Two red meteors will spawn that will slow the movement speed of anyone hit by their explosions.
    • One yellow meteor will spawn that will trap affected party members in a crystalline formation.
      • Crystalline formations deals damage every second to affect party members.
      • Crystalline formations can be broken by attacking them.
    • Meteors cannot land on Corrupted Ground created from Festering Resentment and will spawn around them.
  • Once all meteors explode, Subject Theta will unleash three large-scale attacks in quick succession.
    • The three attacks will occur 5 seconds after the last meteor explodes.
    • It is possible to survive being hit by the three attacks, but it is very unlikely.
    • It is possible to use Invulnerability Frames to block the barrage of attacks.
    • 🎻🛡️ A Harmonic Saint's Blessing of Protection can protect allies from the barrage of attacks.
    • 🛡️ Crystalline formations protect the area behind them from the barrage of attacks.

Summon Ghosts

  • Subject Theta will summon three Ghost Kings (Normal, Red, and Blue) starting at 30% HP.
    • All ghosts will do intense damage.
    • It is highly recommended to kill the ghosts immediately as they spawn.




  • Players will obtain "the Shepherd of Lost Souls" Title and a Journal entry on their first clear.
    • Players will obtain "the Gravedigger" Title if they are a part of the first clear on the server.
  • Four reward chests will spawn, regardless of player count.
    • Additional keys will be rewarded to players if less than four players complete the raid.
    • In the event three players complete the raid, the final key is rewarded randomly.

Clear Rewards

  • Experience: 1,000,000 EXP

General Rewards

All of the following:

Subject Theta Fragments

One of the following:


  • Subject Theta's musical theme changes at 30% HP.