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Fishing Boat

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The Fishing Boat as located on the overhead map.
Fishing Boat.png
The Fishing Boat is in the southern area of Rano however it is moored offshore and cannot be accessed directly. Access can be obtained by going to the shoreline south-west of the Snake Mark (south-western end of Karu Forest) and speaking to Myrddin with the title "the Aspiring Sailor" equipped. The NPC, Petra, is located on the Fishing Boat and sells Fishing Rods and Bait Tins.

A list of items that can be fished on the Fishing Boat can be found in the Fished Items list.

It is a good location to fish up items that are suitable to give to a spirit weapon.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Fishing Boat Captain Fishing Boat

Treasure Chests

After fishing for a while, you may fish up a treasure chest. These appear on the ground where you were fishing and may contain enchants, blacksmith manuals, or sewing patterns. A full list of items can be found here.

When opening a treasure chest, monsters will appear. They are miniature versions of the ones found in Karu Dungeon.