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Fomor Command Scroll

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Inventory icon of Fomor Command Scroll

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A scroll that contains the Force of Fomor's command to attack some place at a certain time. Use this scroll to let everyone know.

Basic Information

Fomor Command Scrolls are found from any monsters in an area that supports a field boss. It serves as a notice of an upcoming Field Boss and can be used to notify all players on that map. However, usage of the command scroll is not necessary to make the boss spawn.

Some of Iria's field bosses, namely Giant Alligator, Giant Lion, Giant Sandworm, Mammoth, Yeti, Ifrit, Prairie Dragon, Desert Dragon, and Red Dragon, lack a Fomor Command Scroll as they spawn daily at a set time.

NPCs to ask about rumors

Area Giant Field Boss Related NPC
Dunbarton Black Raccoon Eavan, Walter
Taillteann Neid Pierrick, Brenda
Ceo Island Black Golem Muro
Dugald Aisle Giant Bear Tracy

Command Scroll Time Schedule

When using a Fomor Command Scroll, it will give you a time and day that the boss will appear.

  • Days begin at Midnight.
    • Example: If you use a command scroll at 2:00 AM that says, "(Field Boss) will appear tomorrow morning", you must wait at least 28 Erinn Hours, or 6:00AM the next day, before the boss will appear.

Command Scroll Time Erinn Time
Dawn 12AM - 6AM
Morning 6AM - 12PM
Afternoon 12PM - 6PM
Night 6PM - 12AM