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Port connous wharf.png


A Port is a where a player has access to ships. Ports can be found within a harbor or by the coastline though all major ports lead to the Moyer Ocean.

Departure Time and Arrival time

A message prompt with the time delay.
The Time To Departure appears as soon as the player boards the ship.
The Time To Arrival counts down as the ship heads to the destination.

Depending on where the ship is headed, the amount of time to get to one port and the next is determined by the countdown for the departure time and arrival time. The fastest travel time is between Port Cobh and Belvast, while going to any other destinations will take a significantly longer time. The arrival and departure time also cause delays for the player awaiting to board the ship. The player may however be able to skip waiting altogether with the help of the Stowaway Ticket but at a cost...

The player may at times be delayed from boarding or can simply get on the vessel depending on their timing. At most, the player may wait from a few seconds or up to a couple of minutes. Entering and exiting the Homestead while aboard the Ship may also affect the wait time.

A ship departing from another port affects the amount of time the player waits and the ship arriving overlaps with the time for those still waiting to get aboard. The player may encounter other players leaving a boat but they still cannot get on board due to departure and arrival being different.

  • The amount of time the player waits to get on board a ship on Port A is equivalent to the other ship's departure time that have just left Port B.
    • When no amount of time is on the message prompt, the player and the boat arrive and left at the same time on opposite ports.
  • The amount of time left by the time the Player A sees Player B leave their boat (while Player A still cannot get on board a boat) is the difference between Player B's ship's arrival time and departure time.
    • The players who have arrived to their destination may appear at the port around ~1 minute and 20 seconds ahead of the players who are still waiting to board the ship.
  • The server sided lag may add to the delay.

Destination Belvast Iria
Port Qilla Port Sella Port Connous
Uladh Port Cobh Departure ~3 minutes 30 seconds ~6 minutes - -
Arrival ~2 minutes ~4 minutes - -
Port Ceann Departure - - ~6 minutes ~6 minutes
Arrival - - ~4 minutes ~4 minutes

Boarding Schedule

Ships depart about every seven minutes real-time.

Port Cobh
Commonwealth of Belvast
Boarding Departure Arrival
7:00 9:30 11:00
11:00 1:30 3:00
3:00 5:30 7:00
Port Cobh
Port Qilla
Boarding Departure Arrival
7:00 9:30 11:00
11:00 1:30 3:00
3:00 5:30 7:00
Port Qilla
Port Cobh
Boarding Departure Arrival
8:00 10:00 11:30
12:00 2:00 3:30
4:00 6:00 7:30


A Ship is a large seafaring craft and vessel which may carry one or more players, along with their pets and cargo in commerce. It is piloted by one captain, or navigator, who ferry their passenger to a particular port.

The ship is the primary transportation for the player carrying a cargo of goods to be traded to far away ventures across the Moyer Ocean. It is docked within the Safe Area away from any Bandit Ambush. However, while transporting goods certain skills and features will not be accessible.

The journey from port to port may take some time yet the player can still perform many Life Skills to pass the time. The player may also enter their Homestead and be able to use all the amenities within.

  • Entering the Homestead just before departure, the countdown will disappear when exiting the Homestead back onto the ship. The player and the ship will remain at the port. Staying aboard the ship will still lead the player to go on the next departure of the ship.
  • Entering the Homestead before the ship arrives at the next port, will also result in the count down to disappear when exiting back onto the ship. The player and the ship will remain on the route to the destined port. After awhile the countdown will reappear and the ship will continue its way to the next port.
  • Any further reentering of the Homestead and exiting to the ship will reset the ship's progress of the journey.

If the player choses to leave, or disembark, they can use the Traveler's Guide Menu or talk to the ship's captain before departure. If the ship has already left the port, the player may use Continent Warp, the Dungeon Guide, a Warp Imp's Pet Teleport, Wings of a Goddess or the Waxen Wing of Goddess to escape from the ship.

Belvast Port Qilla Port Sella Port Connous
Uladh Port
Port Cobh Port Ceann
Carasek Linden Igerna Caoimhin
Carasek Ship.png Linden ship.png Igerna ship.png Caoimhin ship.png


  • The former captain to Port Qilla is the older brother of Carasek, Karis. He can be found on the pier at Port Connous. His boat can still be seen at the bay in Port Qilla.
  • On the pier in Port Ceann, the ship going to Port Sella departs ~30 seconds earlier than the boat going to Port Connous.
  • Before departure, the player can move around from the ship's bow to the quarterdeck. However when the ship leaves the port, the stairs leading to the quarterdeck is blocked off. The ship's steering wheel is at the quarterdeck.
  • Most captains and navigators may react differently when the player has a particular title equipped.
    • Other characters around certain ports will also react to the player's equipped title.
  • Unlike the other captains and navigators Myrddin does not dock in any other port. He is located in the Rano Beach Metallurgy Site.
  • The ships at Port Sella and Belvast dock using a jetty.
  • The ships at Port Ceann, Port Qilla, Port Cobh, and Port Connous dock using a pier.
  • The rafts used when Rafting on the Suytu River dock on wharfs. Each has three berths.

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