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Basic Information

  • Shuriken are a type of weapon that consists of multiple sharpened hand-held blades that form a star. They are used for both long-ranged attacks and close combat, and are required to use Ninja Skills.
  • Normal Attacks from shuriken will flinch the target for only a fraction of a second, regardless of the weapon's Attack Speed.
    • Landing a critical will slightly extend the stun time without affecting the build-up on the Knockdown Gauge. As a result, shuriken normal attacks can potentially lock a single target into infinite knockdown, though it may cause displacement lag.
  • Damage done with shuriken is influenced by the user's Strength, Will, and Shuriken Mastery.
    • Every 4 Str adds +1 to Maximum Shuriken Damage; 5 Str adds +1 to Minimum Shuriken Damage.
    • Every 4 Will adds +1 to Maximum Shuriken Damage; 5 Will adds +1 to Minimum Shuriken Damage.
      • The exact formula for maximum shuriken damage is (Str + Will) / 4. Example: If a player has 50 strength and 120 will, it would be (50+120) / 4 = 42.5 additional maximum damage.
      • The exact formula for minimum shuriken damage is (Str + Will) / 5. Example: If a player has 50 strength and 120 will, it would be (50+120) / 5 = 34 additional minimum damage.
  • Shuriken can utilize Enchants designed for Two-Handed Weapons and receive Two-Handed Weapon Special Upgrades, but do not benefit from the 20% damage and 5% critical rate Smash bonus.
  • All Shuriken share the same upgrade path with the exception of Artisan Upgrades.