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The Confessional is a booth within Tara's Pontiff's Court. Players can sit in the booth and listen to the sins that NPCs have committed. To enter the confessional stand, one must not be wearing any weapon in both main and auxiliary slots, and must have a robe and clothes equipped.

It is used as a plot device in Generation 12 in order to obtain the whereabouts of a book that holds records about Nuadha's past and the events that occurred during the Battle of Mag Tuireadh. However, the book has been condemned as forbidden by the church of Lymilark. The Milletian impersonates a priest while in the confessional to console a monk of the Church of Lymilark, eventually obtaining the whereabouts of the book.
It is later used again in Generation 16 to talk to Corentin in secrecy due to the events of Lugh's sudden return.



Ferghus Shadowed.png

(CRASH! You hear the sound of someone falling.
It also sounds as if a few chairs were knocked over as well)

Yikes! I slipped...
It's way too dark in here...

Ahem. I'm a blacksmith of a small town.
I'm embarrassed to admit this, but sometimes I break
my customer's weapons because my hands slip.
I'm only human. It happens.

But ahem...Ah...
I feel pleasure when I break a weapon.
Will Lymilark forgive me for my sin?


Maid (Shadow).jpg

Anything I confess to a priest of Lymilark
can never be repeated, right? Okay, then.
This has to be kept a secret.

I am a Royal Castle Maid. Recently I got married.
Everything's been going swell.
I mean, we've never have any serious problems.
My husband still cries every time he tells me how happy he is.
I just feel...discontent.

And that's when I met HIM.
It was a warm day in spring.
Oh, Kieth[sic] at the Erskin Bank!
I can't tell you how long it's been since I've felt this way!

But this blasted ring on my finger!
Oh, why must true love come so late?!
Holy Lymilark, why are you doing this to me?
I've spent my entire life mopping and sweeping.
Don't I deserve to be truly happy?


Lileas Shadow.png

Hello, priest! Oh, I'm just a humble girl who works
at the Jousting Arena. I'm a devout follower of Lymilark
and spend much of my free time praying.

Anyway, I'm here today to confess a small, teeny weeny sin.
Uhh, this Confessional is soundproof, right?
Okay... Well... I started a side job recently.
I've been making honey drinks. They're quite popular.
You should buy some if you ever see any.

But, uh, I haven't been able to get much honey lately.
It's gotten awfully expensive.
So I've been putting sugar instead of honey into my drinks.
Honestly, most people can't tell the difference at all!

And I'm not doing it out of pure selfishness.
Bees work hard for their honey! I'm giving them a break.
And saving the environment. So in a way, I'm doing a GOOD thing.

Holy Lymilark, if you've been listening,
please forgive me of my sin...
and help me sell more honey drinks
so I can become rich like Keith.



I am I want fish.

Royal Castle Guard

Royal Castle Guard Shadow.png

Oh my! It's such an honor to meet a priest of Lymilark!
I'm so touched. Look at me. My eyes are tearing up.

Anyway, to tell you the truth, I applied to be
a Royal Castle Guard on a whim.
See, I was on a tour of the Pontiff's Court
and suddenly decided to apply.

Anyway, I served as a guard for a while
and married a Royal Castle Maid.
Now I have a wonderful family.
Everyone's so envious!

won my wife over with my tears,
but I know she loves me unconditionally.
She thinks about me all day long.
She even complains that the day is too short
and doesn't give her enough time to think about me, hehe!

I'm starting to tear up again.
But anyway, the reason I'm here today is because...
Well, before I met my wife, I was seeing this woman
in my hometown of Tir Chonaill.
She loved me for my tears as well.

We used to walk along the Adelia Stream on Samhain nights...
Everything was great until I enlisted and we broke up.
But I recently saw her at the Emporium in Tara.
And now I realize, I'm not entirely over her.
My heart pounds whenever I think of her.

But I'm married! I shouldn't feel this way!
But whenever I think of her, I get butterflies!
Lymilark understands and forgives me, right?