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Crystal Ball

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Portrait of Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball
Race None
Gender None
Occupation Tutorial
Memory Recollection
Location Tutorial Fields
Dunbarton (School Library)


The Crystal Ball is a magical entity within a sphere.

In Dunbarton's School Library, the Crystal Ball there recollects various cutscenes throughout the Mainstream Quests for a payment of a few hundred gold. The player must complete at least one Generation, otherwise it will state that "your life was uninteresting."
Currently, only up to Chapter 4 (Generations 1 through 16) are recorded.

In Iria, there are Crystal Balls in the Tutorial Fields. These allow you to accept tutorial quests to be performed before heading out to Iria.


  • Any cutscene that has multiple party members will result showing Tarlach and Mari in place of the party members.
  • Players are given the option to view the cutscene as their own character in place of Triona in the Generation 2 cutscene, 'Triona', for an increased fee of 1000 Gold. This option is only given to players that are both female and are age 15 or below.