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Fishing Event (2012)

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For the past Fishing Event, see Fishing Event (2010).
September 19th, 2012 ~ October 16th, 2012


Anyone up for a little fishing?! Manus' Bait is known for attracting things that are a little more exciting than fish!

Talk to Manus in the Healer's House and complete his quest to receive 100 Manus' Bait.
More bait can be purchased from Walter in Dunbarton.
Use Manus' Bait to fish, and you'll catch all sorts of awesome prizes like the Nao Soul Stone, devCat Hat, and much more![1]


  • Upon logging in, you will receive a quest.
  • After completing the quest, you will receive special event bait which can also be purchased from Walter in Dunbarton.
  • Fish with the bait to receive exclusive items. All items, no matter where you are fishing, will be a part of the rewards below. Normal items cannot be fished up when using this bait.
  • The fished up potions will not stack automatically when caught.


Manus's Potion Fishing Bait
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Fishing Event.

Briefing Want potions? Of course you do! All you need to get your own potions is a fishing rod! Come see me if you want to learn more. - Manus
Additional Information

Manus is located inside the Healer's House of Dunbarton.

Fishing List

Note: Bolded items are rare.


Note: The cotton candy is a special version - Cotton Candy (Children's Day) - that causes special effects when consumed. It is not the normal Cotton Candy that came from the Cotton Candy Sheep Event (2009).



Note: SE Potions stack up to x50