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Fynni Gem

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For information on the blossomed gems, see Fynni Pet Whistle.
Fynni gem grade c.png


Inventory icon of Fynni Gem

1 × 1
Stack: 100

A gem imbued with a Fynni that's been drawn out from monsters through Fynni Catching. Fynni Gems are obtained through the Fynni Catching skill, with different gems obtainable based on a monster's type and rank. You have a chance to obtain Fynni Gems from monsters with a gem above their head, and can check the grade of the Fynni within a monster in the Taming Journal. Once obtained, Fynni Gems can be converted into Fynni Pets through the Fynni Blossoming skill. *Can be sold to Fionnait in Mag Mell.

Basic Info

Fynni gem drops.png

Through the skill of Fynni Catching the Fynni is released as a Fynni Gem. The Gems are dropped by many animals and monsters, designated with a fynni gem icon over their name, throughout the world of Erinn. However, not every monster will drop a Fynni Gem nor will the icon appear above their name. The Gems are necessary for Fynni Blossoming. The Taming Journal is useful in the search of Fynni Gems and their gem ranks.

  • Hiding names (Crtl+N) will hide the Fynni Gem icon.
  • Can be stored in the Bank of, and retrieved by, any of the player's characters.
  • The player gains a small portion of Exploration experience whenever a Fynni Gem drops from a monster.
Fynni Gem Rank E D C B A
Exploration Experience 180 900 1800 2700 3600


  • Only 1 Fynni Gem will drop from a monster
  • Can be sold only to Fionnait.
    • Value varies on the grade of the gem.
  • Cannot be stored in a pet's inventory.
  • Cannot be traded with another player.
  • Cannot be mailed to another player.
  • Cannot be sold in the Auction House.

Methods to Obtain

  • The player must first complete the quest [Pet Training] A Glimmering Curiosity and learn the skill Fynni Catching.
  • Dropped by certain monsters labeled with a fynni gem icon
  • Bought from Fionnait in Mag Mell

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