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Auto Defense

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Basic Information

An example of a player with Auto Defense (Melee) activating against a rat.

Auto Defense, also known as Stun Resistance or often referred to as "ping" by players, is the general term for the ability to defend an attack without using the Defense skill. When auto-defense activates:

  • A metallic "ping!" is heard.
    • A different, lower tone noise is heard if Auto Defense is activated while using a shield.
  • The one that was attacked will flash one of three colors, depending on what skill or weapon was used.
  • Stun time is reduced.
    • In the case where a normal melee attack activates auto-defense, the attacker will stop in the middle of an attack sequence and will be unable to move until the attack animation finishes.
      • Additionally, melee auto-defense reduces damage by half, after taking defensive stats and Heavy Stander's passive damage reduction into calculation.
      • Players, Role-playing Characters, Marionettes using a normal melee attack will not have their attack sequence interrupted should they trigger a target's melee auto-defense. Monsters, Pets, Partners, and NPCs however, will still have their attack sequences interrupted.
    • The Knockdown Gauge fills normally.

Auto-defense should not be confused with Passive Defenses.

Types of Auto Defenses

There are three categories of Auto Defense:

  • Auto Defense (Magic)
  • Auto Defense (Ranged)
  • Auto Defense (Melee)

As the names suggest, each category of auto-defense will only trigger against a corresponding attack. However, there are a few exceptions:

Obtaining Auto Defense

For players, there are only two sources of auto-defense.

It is possible to give most equipment auto-defense by:

  • Upgrading shields to give them the ability to auto-defend.
    • If a player is equipped with a Shield and is attacked with Magic or Range while in Defense, the player will "ping" as if auto-defense was activated, regardless of whether or not the player had any auto-defense items equipped.
      • While defending with a shield, Magnum Shot's ability to knock down will be negated.
  • Reforging a piece of equipment to give it auto-defense.
  • Ranking Heavy Armor Mastery, Shield Mastery, and Dual Wield Mastery and then wearing the respective equipment.


An example of an item that comes with Auto Defenses without upgrades.

It is usually displayed in the following format:

  • Auto Defense (Magic) x%
  • Auto Defense (Ranged) x%
  • Auto Defense (Melee) x%

X is a numeric value and "x%" represents the percent chance that an auto-defense will activate.

Multiple Items with Auto Defense

When two or more items with the same auto-defense category are equipped, the percentages are not added together (unless the equipment has both a pre-existing auto-defense, a reforged auto-defense of the same type, and the mastery skill bonus) to determine the auto-defense rate. Instead, a separate check is run on each item to see whether or not auto-defense will activate for that specific item.

For example, if a player that had auto-defense (magic) 5%, 10% and 2%, on 3 separate items, is hit with a magic attack, then a check is run on the item with 5% auto-defense. If that does not activate, then the item with 10% auto-defense is checked, and so on.

Calculating Average Auto Defense Rate

The average activation rate of auto-defense can be calculated using the equation given below:
Average Activation Rate = 1 - [(1 - Auto Defense on Equipment 1) x (1 - Auto Defense on Equipment 2)
x (1 - Auto Defense on Equipment 3) x ... x (1 - Auto Defense on Equipment n)]

where n is the total number of equipment that give the same type of Auto Defense.

  • Shortened version: Avg% = 1-[(1- % of equip 1)x(1- % of equip 2)x(1- % of equip 3)x...x(1- % of equip n)]
  • The activation rate is written as a decimal (e.g. 50% would be 0.50).
  • Heavy Stander from Transformations can also fit into the equation, being treated as if it were a piece of equipment.

For example, a player has Rank 1 Dark Heavy Stander (20% Melee Auto Defense), 8% Melee Auto Defense on Armor, and 5% Melee Auto Defense on Shield. Instead of a cumulative Auto Defense (Melee) rate of 33%, it is only approximately 30% (1 - [ (1 - 0.2) x (1 - 0.08) x (1 - 0.05) ] = 0.3008 or 30.08%).