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Magic Bean Flour

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Powder made from magic beans.
Probably not edible... Yet?

Inventory icon of Magic Bean Flour

1 × 1
Stack: 20

Name Magic Bean Flour
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP
1 G Milling No - ?
5 Magic Beans
Purchase Location
No known purchase locations.
Other Locations

General Info

  • Used to make Magic Bean Tofu. If you are doing this to make Magic Bean Tofu, do not forget that you have to clear the dungeon to get Nigari from the end room chest(s).
  • To make Magic Bean Tofu, at least rank C Cooking skill is required.
  • Herbalism is not required to gather Magic Beans, but can be helpful for efficient picking. Also, picking Magic Bean Trees will not train Herbalism.
  • The Magic Bean Dungeon is easy except for the bosses at the end, which have magic and will multi-aggro. Still, once you understand them you and your bear can take them alone. You do not need a party.
    • The Magic Bean Dungeon contains two to three bean-picking rooms. The number of Magic Bean plants contained in each rooms is random. Each bean plant will normally give 10 beans.

Methods to Obtain

  • To obtain the Magic Bean Powder you must do the following:
  1. Use "Dull Weeding Hoe," found in the inventory of newly created Red Panda and Polar Bear pets, on any potato field to collect a bean. If you dropped or sold the Dull Weeding Hoe, beans are tradeable, so you can have someone else give/sell/trade you a bean. (You also have a chance to obtain another Dull Weeding Hoe by feeding a Hot Spring Monkey liked food.)
  2. Use a Moongate to reach Ceo Island.
  3. Gift 1 bean (drag and drop) to Muro, he will then give you a Fomor Bean. If you have more than one bean, divide into one, then gift. If you gift a whole stack you will only receive one Fomor Bean. You can keep gifting him beans, one at a time, and he will keep giving you fomor beans, but don't because you only need one.
  4. Go to NPC Ranald and buy 10 coins (200G) for the Alby Battle Arena. Drop one coin on the alter in the Alby Dungeon lobby.
  5. In the arena's lobby talk to Goro. He will give you the keyword "Magic Bean" and a Magic Bean Dungeon Pass that can be dropped on the Alby altar in the Alby Dungeon lobby. To get a Magic Bean Dungeon Pass in the future you will need to use the "Magic Bean" keyword on Goro. You can repeatedly talk to Goro with the keyword and he will keep giving you passes (better than returning via coin if you have the storage space on you).
  6. Drop the pass on Alby altar and you will be in the Magic Bean variation of Alby dungeon. Start clearing the dungeon until you see plants. (Each plant has 10 magic beans and are quite easy to gather.)
  7. Inside the Magic Bean Dungeon you must pick from the Magic Bean Tree. Having the skill Herbalism makes picking easier but you do not need to have it to pick from Magic Bean Trees; though several tries may be necessary.
  8. Take the collected beans to the Flour Mill in Tir Chonail, by the NPC Alissa. Using the mill, grind the Magic Beans into Magic Bean Powder (5 Beans = 1 Powder). Only put five beans in the flour mill mini-game at a time. If you put in more then they'll vanish and you'll get no powder for them.

Used In


Icon Name Method Recipe Physical Changes 5 Star Stat Bonuses
Inventory icon of Magic Bean Tofu
2 × 1
Magic Bean Tofu
Boiling Magic Bean Flour(80%) Water(15%) Nigari(5%) - - +20 - - +10 - - +10 - - - - - - - -