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Monster Summoning Urn (May 2012)

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May 25th, 2012 ~ May 31st, 2012


Memorial Day is coming up fast, and we're celebrating with some awesome sales!

The Monster Summoning Urn contains the ashes of fallen monsters, ready to be unleashed into the world to wreak havoc. Each urn will also drop three items for the player who purchased it:

- a fixed dye ampoule
- a statue which may be redeemed for experience
- a rare item

Below are some of the items you might find in the urn:

- Fierce Ribbon
- Wing Bow Rare Color (Pink-White Super Flashy)
- Muramasa Rare Color (Pink-White Super Flashy)
- Iron Mace Rare Color (Pink-White Super Flashy)
- Elatha Outfit
- Elatha's Horns
- Elatha Boots
- Black Succubus Clothes
- Black Succubus Boots
- Black Succubus Hat
- Red Succubus Clothes
- Red Succubus Boots
- Red Succubus Hat
- Pink Succubus Outfit
- Pink Succubus Hat
- Pink Succubus Boots
- Pink Succubus Gloves
- Confetti Bow
- Star Candy Mace


Inventory icon of Monster Summoning Urn (May 2012)

2 × 2

A sealed urn that contains a monster. When you break the special seal on the pot the monster will appear. You cannot summon a monster if there is a monster summoned in your region. Monster may only be summoned in Iria.

Basic Information

  • Each urn costs 9,000 NX.
  • They are on sale from May 25th, 2012 to May 30th(?), 2012.
  • Each urn contains: A Fixed Dye Ampoule of a random color or a Fixed Flashy Dye Ampoule, a statue that will give Exploration EXP when you turn them in to Voight, and an item from the list below.
    • The items will drop on the ground. You have to pick them up off the ground or otherwise other players can and will attempt to pick them up.
      • The statues, however, may not be looted.
      • Warning: It's extremely advised that you should turn off your PvP to ensure that you obtain your items, otherwise they might be stolen by someone else.
  • There will be a check box with Ascend next to it.
    • If left unchecked, the ashes inside the urn will form into a random field boss.
      • The field boss can only be summoned in any region of Iria. (e.g. Rano, Courcle, Physis, etc.)
        • Field bosses will drop anything they will normally drop after its defeat. (e.g. A Dragon's mass item drop to all players that hit it upon its defeat.)
        • They also will only appear for a period of time until they de-spawn on their own. (e.g. Mammoth will only stay for 5 minutes until it de-spawns on its own).
      • Field bosses summoned from the urn is limited to 1 per region. (e.g. 1 in Connous, 1 in Zardine, etc.)
      • Another one cannot be summoned until an existing field boss summoned by the urn is killed, or they de-spawn on their own. (e.g. If someone summoned a field boss in Connous, then no one else can summon a field boss in Connous until someone kills the previous one.)
        • However, you can summon one on another channel if no one has spawned a field boss in the other channels.
      • You cannot summon the field boss inside a town. (e.g. Qilla, Filia, Vales, etc.)
    • If you attempt to summon the monster anywhere outside of Iria, or in a town, the monster will spawn, then de-spawn automatically, leaving the items behind.

Monster Spawn

Anything in bold will show a scrolling message at the top of the screen.








The following can come enchanted with Spike, Red and/or Gold colored and have +2 Minimum/Maximum attack and +5 Durability/Critical/Balance (S/S+ rank?)