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Night Change

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Basic Information

Night Change.png
  • It passively changes colors and gain a single, or multiple, Level 3 Passive Defense(s).
    • The Alban Knight Golem has it's own, unique version of Night Change which shouldn't be confused with the Nightmare Humanoid's version of Night Change.
    • On Advanced and lower difficulties, the Golem does not have level 3 passive defenses.
    • In addition to the passive defenses, it also dictates the Alban Knight Golem's AI and determines what set of skills it uses.
      • Gray = Hasn't picked a state yet; Uses none of the skills of its other phases.
      • Green = Has AI similar to most archers; Uses Archery.
      • Red = Hyper aggressive, making it extremely quick to react to any attack ranged or otherwise; Uses Melee.
      • Blue = Has AI similar to ghosts, using a variety of magic; Uses Magic.
  • Night Change is usually used after the monster is knocked back or knocked down and makes the monster become invincible (all attacks dealing 1 damage) to a specific type of attack according to the color that it has changed to.
    • The monster does not always have to be knocked back or knocked down to use the ability. It may use Night Change freely, although this doesn't happen at first.
    • It tends to change colors corresponding to the type of attack it was last hit with (e.g. It turns red after being hit with a melee attack).
      • However, it may sometimes change to an entirely different Passive Defense, despite being hit with another attack. (e.g. Turning Yellow, despite being hit with a magic attack.)
      • Its unclear how the Alban Knight Golem changes between phases.
  • Night Change does not make the creature immune to the pushback effects of Water Cannon, nor does it negate knockdowns from skills, such as Smash or Firebolt.
  • When using Night Change, the Nightmare Humanoid will glow with a level up-like effect and will say (in a speech bubble):
    • "Open Night!"/Black = weak to everything. This is how the Nightmare Humanoid looks before ever being attacked. (no Passive Defenses)
      • It will occasionally change to Black during battle. If you don't attack it for a while, the Nightmare Humanoid will start changing colors before being attacked.
    • "Night Change 1!"/Red = immune to melee attacks (level 3 Heavy Stander)
    • "Night Change 2!"/Blue = immune to magic (level 3 Mana Deflector)
    • "Night Change 3!"/Yellow = immune to range (level 3 Natural Shield)
    • "Jean Night!"/White = immune to everything (level 3 Heavy Stander, Natural Shield, Mana Deflector)

Monsters with this skill