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Pet Battle Tactics

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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
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These are battle tactics that employ pets, for other general tactics uses, see Solo Battle Tactics or Team Tactics. For monster specific tactics see Monster Battle Tactics.

General Information

Note: Some tactics may not work efficiently due to latency between you and the server.


Guided Target Selection(Pet)

  • Set pet to 'Collaborative' Mode
  • Use 'Shift(+Ctrl/Click)' to assign pet to target one monster while player targets another.
  • Whoever finishes their target first will assist the other.
  • Player may optionally assign pet another target if pet finishes first.

Smash Tennis(Pet)

  • Set pet to 'Collaborative' Mode
  • Have pet load Smash
  • Use 'Shift(+Ctrl/Click)' to assign pet to target.
  • Let pet smash first while player runs to meet the enemy where it lands, loading smash as well.
  • Player smashes enemy as well, attempting to throw enemy back to pet who is waiting to smash again.


  • Pet Uses 'Collaborative' Mode
  • Player fires one Icebolt and lets pet attack and knock back the monster, while the pet is doing this, the player charges another Icebolt and continues the cycle. Useful to have multiple Icebolts charged for less mana consumption and emergencies.
  • Requires precise timing due to pet's low stun time, and monster's tendency to glitch out of retaliation when attacked by Icebolt or Lightning Bolt.

Fire Mill

  • Works on cornered monsters.
  • Set up a pet AI that makes it repeatedly shoot Firebolts at an enemy once it's cornered. Use Windmill or Smashmill to support the pet. Use Windmill after the monster has fully gotten up.
  • Works best on Golems.


  • Pet Uses 'Collaborative' Mode
  • Player fires one Lightning Bolt and lets pet attack and knock back the monster, while the pet is doing this, the player charges another Lightning Bolt and continues the cycle.


  • Pet Uses 'Collaborative' Mode
  • Correct timing required.
  • Requires Reserve attack off.
  • Player uses Ranged Attack on monster and lets pet attack and knock back the monster, load again and hold until monster is about to get up, shoot again and repeat the cycle.

Pet Save

  • Uses 'Normal Attack Only' AI
  • Useful if the player is surprise aggroed or attacked.
  • Useful if the player is double aggroed.
  • Use 'Shift(+Ctrl/Click)' to tell the pet to attack monster
  • The pet interrupts the monster's attack (but not necessarily its aggro) on the player, giving the player a chance to retaliate or flee.

Hide/Sneak Attack (Mounts Only)

  • Pet uses a passive (non-first aggro) reaction AI
  • Useful to escape far aggro(s)
  • Summon a mount (e.g. Shire) beside you
  • Aggro a monster using a ranged/magic attack, preferably a one that can knock back or down (e.g. Magnum, Firebolt, 3-charge Icebolt, 2-charge Lightning Bolt, 3-hit Arrow Revolver).
  • If the monster is already aggroed, 'Mount' on mount, and run away from aggro range, you can stay in place if you are out of aggro range.
  • This will reset the monster(s)' aggro if you stay more than 5 seconds on the mount, if you 'Dismount' too quickly the monster will instantly reaggro you.
    • If the monster is still charging at the player, give it a chase until it drops.
      • Try not to head into a dead end or you may be trapped and possibly killed.
  • 'Dismount' to continue attack.
  • Keep in mind that the pet can be aggroed too ('Return' it or use pet AI if it is aggroed)

Mount Mill

  • Pet uses non-aggro AI
  • Hot key the Mount command
  • Summon a mount beside you.
  • Stand in the same place as the mount.
  • Use Windmill in the same place.
  • Quickly mount on Pet using Hot key during Windmill animation.
  • Monsters will be deaggroed for a short period time.
  • Dismount and Repeat Windmill
  • Watch out for monsters aggroes on the Mount.

Pet N+Smash

  • Pet uses 'Command Mode' AI or custom script that loads a skill (e.g. Counter) after enemy knock back
  • Load Smash skill.
  • Use ctrl+shift+left click to attack target with pet.
  • Use Smash on target while it is being knocked back by pet. You will know that you have succeeded if the Smash skill causes the enemy to fly straight up into the air (and not backwards).
  • If the enemy is still alive, it will usually target your pet and not you. Having your pet load a skill (e.g. Defense or Counter) prevents the pet from rushing in and getting hit. You may load Windmill immediately after Smash to hit the enemy running toward your pet. If you want to play it safe, load Counter instead.
  • Hint: After loading Smash, the skill causes a slight movement delay. Click the ground behind the enemy where you anticipate it will get knocked back. Then attack with pet when your character is almost there, and spam click the enemy.
  • Warning: If you lag, do not use against enemies such as Golem or Rat Man. If your smash is delayed, you could get windmilled!

Pet N+Mill

  • Pet uses 'Command Mode' AI
  • Useful for speeding through a dungeon.
  • Locate the front-most enemy, and several enemies behind it.
  • Run toward the enemies in the back.
  • Use ctrl+shift+left click to attack front target with pet.
  • Load Windmill when in range of enemies in the back.
  • Execute Windmill after front enemy gets knocked into range.

Bait and Mill

  • Pet uses 'Command Mode' AI
  • Works best with little lag, takes a lot of practice to get timing down
  • Works best with a fast moving pet
  • Works best with a pet that attacks 3 times
  • May be helpful in high level multi-aggro dungeons.
  • Hot key 'summon pet #n' and 'unsummon pet' are useful.
  • Use ctrl+shift+left click to attack an enemy with pet. Before the 3rd hit, ctrl+shift+left click another enemy to attack that one. Continue this as long as possible until multiple enemies are chasing the pet.
  • Attack an enemy near your character with your pet to draw all enemies to you.
  • Load Windmill, and unsummon pet once enemies are in range.
  • Use Windmill to hit all enemies in range.
  • If windmill misses an aggroing enemy, quickly summon a new pet during windmill animation and attack it. Repeat baiting process if possible.

Pet Lightning Rod

  • Pet uses an AI that allows it to circle the enemy and charge Lightning Bolt at least once every 15 seconds.
  • Pet charges Lightning Bolt up to 5 charges and circles around a monster.
  • The player may use one charge of Lightning bolt to hit up to 5 enemies.

Aggro&Play Dead

  • Pet uses 'Auto Attack Mode' AI
  • Use the Play Dead action.
  • command your pet as you please.

(This tactic is for the less skilled players that have pets)

Lance & Run

  • Requires a Lance Charge-able mount (e.g. Horses)
  • Requires large field of battle to run in (open-door dungeon, wild field)
  • Player repeatedly Lance Charges, then retreats from the battle on horseback while Charge cools down.
    • Consider continuing the attack unmounted with ranged attacks before Charging again.
    • Consider Mountmilling while the cooldown is in effect.

Remote Control (Solo-Based)

  • Sends pet into a dungeon room (such as orbs or boss) alone, without AI.
  • Use 'Shift(+Ctrl/Click)' to initiate attack at target
  • Can use tactics applicable to players, as listed in the sections above

Smash Move/Barrage/Revolver

  • Pet Uses 'Command' Mode
  • Requires 4 or more pets for continuous attacks
  • The player loads smash on pet and attacks monster and unsummons when the pet does the smash animation.
  • The player continues to summon and unsummon other pets until the monster is dead.
  • Useful for moving non-wandering monsters (e.g. Golems)
  • You can also have your pet attack the monster by right clicking the monster and selecting "Attack with Pet."

Fire Wall

  • Requires little lag.
  • Pet Uses 'Command' Mode
  • Keep charging Firebolt (pet hot key) on pet and firing it.
  • Requires average speed or below monsters
  • May be put into AI (but unnecessary).
  • You may add in extra hits.

Pet Revolver

  • Takes the idea off of Smash Move/Barrage/Revolver tactic
  • Best for those who own 4 or more pets
  • Remember to go into [ Option > Game > Hot key ] and set up shortcuts to summon pets 1~0 if need be
  • Hot key unsummon pet to an accessible key (Ctrl+Z)
  • Using any possible mode for normal attacks
  • Simply (Shift+Ctrl+Left Click) a monster to send it to combo the enemy with normal attacks
  • As soon as the enemy tries to retaliate Unsummon it to save it from being attacked.
  • Summon another monster to combo the target again.
  • Note: All pets unsummoned will have a wait time of 60 seconds.
  • Note: It could be better to use Smash if it is over rank 9, or if the monster has Heavy Stander.