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Team Battle Tactics

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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
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These are general use team tactics, for other tactics, see Solo Battle Tactics or Pet Battle Tactics. For monster specific tactics see Monster Battle Tactics.

In any battle, players should be able to keep track their opponents as well as their teammates. Individuals may work together, however, monsters will still single out one target. Most monsters will work alone or may wait their turn in battle. Certain monsters will automatically target the player within their reach.

However, most monsters may prefer to target individuals whose CP is a level higher than the other players nearby. Monsters will become more defensive towards those whose CP is higher but will still attack regardless. The monster who targets the player with the most CP will at first use attacks that will immediately get rid of the player. If that does not work, they will continue being defensive.

Players whose CP is lower than the target monster may experience more attacks; they may be more severe to the weaker players in the group. Some monsters may become more defensive as their HP drops lower than those in the party. In the desperation of some, depending on their AI, the monster will use their most devastating skills against their current target in a final attempt.

When pets are involved; the monster will pay more attention to those who attack them the most and ignore the previous target. This is also true towards the players who attack the monster the most. Most monsters will ignore the mount of a player, until the player dismounts, the pet will be targeted as well.

Depending on their AI monsters may also work as a team. The more aggressive monsters will attack one player all at once without giving the player any chance to recover after each strike. This tactic can be also used against them as well.

As a member in a party, every player should have a role to efficiently clear out the area and move on without having any casualties. It is best to act on impulses if everyone in the group can finish any monster confidently. However, those who can only support should not feel left out; it is everyone's goal is to finish the dungeon and/or mission safely.

Individuals in the group tend to fall in certain categories: the Tank, the Healer, the Buffers, and the Bait or Distraction. The Tank can be anyone who is willing to take the charge and head straight for the kill. The Healer and Buffers should support the tank(s) who may take damage as they go. The distraction, or bait, has to gain the attention of the foe in question and lure it to the tank in a safe, yet dangerous manner. Anyone in the party can be or may become the Bait to distract monsters in specific quests so the player with the mission can complete it. Skills that can tame or lure monsters will become important if the goal was to distract or bait monsters away from those using the skills; sketching monsters is a great example.

General Information

  • Some tactics may not work efficiently due to latency between you and the server.
    • Be sure to test all connections for tactics that require little lag.
  • Communication is the key for getting many of these tactics to go smoothly in the long run.
  • Ideally, the weakest player should be used as bait, but in many cases, an experienced player may become bait due to past experiences, gear, and/or skill builds. It could also be voluntary.
  • The Healer should not attempt combat but can still engage when necessary.
  • The Attacker(s), or Tanks, should be reserved for the strongest players of the team, however being versatile with many skills from all types of combat should be recommended.
  • The Buffer should be able to buff all players in the team in some way. Though usually the buff go to the stronger players, buffs should still be applied to others to ensure their safety.

Action Based

Suicidal Sketch

  • Requires 2 or more people.
  • One will use Play Dead, the others will use an attempted Sketch.
  • The "Playing Dead" person will rush into a battlefield, aggro all the monsters in range, and then uses Playing Dead.
  • The rest of the people can freely sketch the monster, without worrying about aggro.
  • This is a suicidal tactic, so take extra caution while doing this. Beware that some monsters, such as the Giant Sandworm or Dragons are capable of hitting through the Play Dead Action.
  • Does not work on anything with an AoE attack.
  • This tactic is very useful against monsters you attempt to sketch.

Pelting Stone Confusion

  • Though effective in come cases, it is not recommended in general when combating strong mobs.
  • Requires at least 4 or more people.
  • All of the people will use Throwing Stone as possible. One or more of them will freely attack the monster.
  • Each of the "Throwers" will pelt the monster with Stones as many times as possible.
    • Remember that it does not stun the monster, so be careful.
  • The monster will be extremely confused and keep switching targets. The "Attacker" can freely attempt to use an attack.
  • Since the monster is confused, it will be a wide open target.

Melee Based

Smash Tennis

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Smash Tennis with Windmill may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • There are two known types of smash tennis: Ice-Smash and Windmill Smash (both require at least two players).
  • For ice-smash, the first player would smash the target and immediately cast Icebolt. Once the monster recovers from the smash, the initial smasher would then use Icebolt on the monster to stun it. The next player would then smash the stunned monster and also cast Icebolt. This would then be repeated.
    • Using Icebolt at the wrong time, i.e. bolting while the monster is still laying down, will cause the monster to recover immediately.
  • Windmill smash is somewhat similar to ice-smash. The initial player would begin with smash. The next player would smash before the monster recovers, making the monster "fly" in place. At that moment, the second player would windmill immediately, returning the monster to the other player.
  • Does not work with monsters that use Windmill or Counter in response to being Smashed.
  • Does not work against monsters that like to normal attack afterward, which overrides the second players smash and inflicts damage.
    • Against monsters with Windmill or Counter: basically the same strategy as above, except the first player uses Icebolt or Lightning Bolt after using Smash. After the monster has been hit with the bolt skill, the second player can then safely use Smash. Afterward, the second player uses a bolt spell. Then repeat. Does not work on monsters with Magic Passive Defense.
    • Smash-Icebolt tennis is effective vs. Ghouls in Peaca Dungeon.

Mill Mill

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Mill Mill may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • Used primarily in a group of 2, but the more you have the better.
  • Once an enemy is walled, players take turns Windmilling the enemy.
  • Timing is crucial, and if thrown off, the enemy may retaliate.
  • At least Windmill rank 9 is preferred due to load speed boost.
    • You may also rank Windmill to Rank 5 for the range boost.
  • Useful to prevent monster from using Teleportation. Often employed on Ghosts.
  • When fighting Claimh Solas in G9 Finale, having all 8 people spamming only Windmill can effectively stall its movement and attacks.
    • Be aware that you are still vulnerable while using Windmill, if a window of opportunity allows Claimh Solas to strike back.

Smash Mill

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Smash Mill may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • 2 players are required.
  • Both players will load Smash beforehand.
  • First player will Smash into the direction of the second player. Second player will immediately catch the monster with a Smash (without letting it land on the ground) and inflict damage, making the monster land right in front of them. After smashing, the second player will immediately Windmill the monster back to the first player, who catches it again with a loaded Smash, then Windmill back. Repeat.
    • Another way is to corner it into a wall and then Smash Mill without tossing it to each other.
      • If the monster uses something like Windmill, then you will get hit if you attempt to Smash it.
  • At least Windmill Rank 9 is recommended but not required.
  • May mess up if the timing is off or one of the players forgets to charge their skill.
  • A variation of this is Mill Smash, which is the same thing except you Windmill, then Smash. However this may be harder to do.
  • This doesn't normally work if the monster uses Windmill Counter.

Counter Battery

  • Can be used on any monster besides Golems.
    • However, the monster must have a good splash range, or it may not work.
      • Bare hand is smallest range. Followed by a Blunt, then a Metal Blunt, then a Sword, and last but not least: A Heavy Blade.
      • Bare Hands and Blunts for monsters don't splash however.
  • At least 3 Players gather in a single spot.
  • Rank C+ Counterattack recommended.
  • All of them load counter until monster hits them, and immediately reload counter.
    • Or one of you can use Icebolt to lure while the others use Counter.
  • The wide splash will ensure that any of the counters that's loaded will activate.
  • Does not work if monster is using Smash, it is suggested that one person use 1+Counter in order to continue Counter Battery.

Teleport Trap

  • Used against monsters with Teleportation.
  • Requires a minimum of two people. When you have three members or under, you MUST take turns windmilling or the enemy may retaliate.
    • Timing is important. The more people you have, the easier this is.
  • Position yourself low windmill radius's distance away from a wall or corner.
  • Use Firebolt or Magnum Shot to lure the enemy to the corner and immediately load Windmill.
  • Have party members constantly Windmill.
  • Most effective on Ghosts in Peaca Dungeon.

FH + Other

Note: Do not knockdown the monster that is being attacked by the player during Final Hit's duration. A knockdown may occur if the player(s) attack in rapid succession, which may give way for the monster to counterattack.

  • One player uses Final Hit while dual wielding, preferably with very fast weapons.
  • Other player(s) continuously attack the same monster as the person is using final hit, with anything that does not automatically knock down, does not matter if it's range, magic or melee.
  • The player using final hit should be able to keep the target from being knocked back or down, but it is constantly stunned, so it will remain in the same spot the entire time and not be able to retaliate unless it has Heavy Stander.
  • This tactic does massive damage in a short amount of time because it eliminates the need to chase the monster or wait for it to come back to you after every few hits.

Stack Mill

  • Used mostly in dungeons with fast multi-aggro such as Alby Intermediate/Advanced, Fiodh, and Peaca.
  • All players form a tightly-knit group by standing on top of each other and constantly loading and executing Windmill.
    • If time allows, it may be a good idea to group together in a corner of the room.
  • Depending on the types of monsters, it could be helpful to have one of the players use Counterattack instead, in case lag prevents your party mates from loading or executing windmill on time, or all windmills are used simultaneously, resulting in an opportunity for monsters to approach while reloading. The counter would provide some protection from melee attacks that splash.
  • If some of the enemies have magic or ranged skills, it is recommended that one player does not windmill, and instead prepares a magic or ranged attack that can interrupt an opponents' cast.

WM Minefield

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during WM Minefield may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • Several players stand in one area not to close to each other, trying to completely cover the area with their Windmill ranges.
  • All players have windmill loaded and use it whenever anything is in range.
  • Immediately load again after each time it is executed.
  • The idea is to make sure that all monsters in the area have nowhere to go, and are constantly being knocked down.
  • This tactic is usually impractical because a full 8 person party would not be able to cover an entire dungeon room if everyone has the normal(human before rank 5) Windmill range, and because if monsters are already spawned, then this is difficult to set up without people getting hit first.
  • B+ Bombs or Ice Bombs may be used if monster tries to retaliate.

Windmill Corner

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Windmill Corner may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • Requires at least 2 people with Windmill.
  • First have all party members into a corner.
  • The 'bodyguards' or 'WMers' spam wm while everyone else spam long ranged attack (Magic, Archery, etc.)
  • Recommended to use in hard dungeons. (e.g. Maiz Glowing Gargoyle, Ciar Advanced)
  • Will not work with monsters with Teleportation.
  • Any rank Windmill is fine but if an army of monsters start spamming in, it's recommended to gain more windmillers.

Smash and hide

Warning: This tactic is dangerous as some monsters do not drop aggro while in hide, or will immediately resume aggro once out of hide. Some monsters may also aggro a player when it goes into hide during an attack.

  • Requires a lot of stamina for hard monsters.
  • Only in Iria dungeons (needs monsters to hide).
  • First corner a monster, charge up smash (any rank)then smash a monster and charge counterattack.
  • Once the monster goes into hide Charge smash and stand in the smashing range.
  • Once it comes out of hide Smash it, immediately charge counterattack again
  • Rinse and repeat until dead.
  • Note: Will not work with monsters with windmill.
  • Counterattack is for fast monsters that might attack after you smash.
  • After you kill one, quickly smash another and then it will go into hide. Then continue normally.

Magic Based

Magic Alternate (Magic Switch-off)

  • This one is meant for bosses and requires more than 1 person. Alternate attacks with magic between each party member, preferably using Firebolt since it always knocks down the monster, even when it has Mana Deflector, or is using Defense.
  • Also called "Magic Switch-off" or "Magic Wall."
  • If used frequently, Icebolt is recommended for lowest mana consumption.

Lightning Chaincast

  • In a large mob of monsters, have someone charge 5 lightnings and walk in middle of a mob grouping. (Make sure he re-charges his/her lightning every 10 seconds or so to prevent the charges from expiring from the 15-second limit.)
  • Have someone else spam Lightning Bolt on one of the in the mob. (Rank 5+ Lightning Bolt is recommended for its increased charge speed.)
  • The Lightning Bolt being spammed will hit 5 monsters at once. If multiple casters cast toward the "lightning rod", resulting knockback can make the process much safer.
  • An upgraded chaincasting Lightning Wand can also be used but damage will be decreased.

Hail and Thunder

  • For higher level dungeons where high level Thunder is very effective against certain enemies (e.g. Peaca and Wight's).
  • 1 person fully charges Thunder.
  • 1 person charge 5 Icebolt's and scans for the largest group of enemies. Walk to the group, and attacks enemies that are distant from the group, each with 2 Icebolts.
  • Once enemies walk near the group, the Thunder user attacks the group, effectively hitting all enemies in range.

Fire and Thunder

  • Requires 1 person doing Fireball and 1 person doing Thunder.
    • In addition, it's handy to have a Windmill shielding one or both magic users while casting/running away.
  • Fireball is cast first, to aggro the entire room. Then Thunder is cast after everything that's still alive is chasing the Fireball caster, and thus bunched together.
  • Ideally, this would be done in either a large room or a switch room, with the Fireball caster closer to the monsters and the Thunder caster as far away as possible.
    • After casting, the Fireballer runs back towards the Thunder caster allowing the monsters more time to bunch together.
  • The same principle can be used with Fireball and a high ranked Windmill.

Ranged Based

Arrow Storm

Warning: Multiple knockbacks during Arrow Storm may cause the monster to get up instantaneously and ignore hit stun. Use with caution.

  • Best used outside of dungeons, while standing outside of Switch Rooms, or if the enemy doesn't aggro too fast; from room corners. Known to work with just 2 archers.
  • Simple Tactic; all of the archers huddle together in a single spot and fire at the same target. The barrage of arrows will keep the enemy stunned and reeling, and otherwise helpless.
    • Human players with Arrow Revolver will make this tactic go much smoother due to the increased aim speed at higher Ranks. Keep in mind of the cooldown, as it resets with every shot fired.
  • Rule of thumb is whoever aims first has picked the target; you can usually figure out which enemy they're going to shoot at by where they're pointing the bow.
  • Use Magnum Shot sparingly if the enemy gets too close, as this may interrupt the shots of your allies. Support Shot is not recommended as it holds the monster in place.
  • Misses happen, so if the target breaks free and attacks; whomever is not hit by the enemy will use Windmill instead, until the situation is under control. (see Mill Shield)

Firing Squad

(So named because when used correctly, the entire team stands in a neat line throughout the battle)

  • Same as Magic Switch off, this was designed for bosses. However arrows have longer range and can be less accurate, so it's helpful to have somebody standing around with Firebolt charged just in case.
  • At least 2 archers (preferably 3 or more) stand at maximum range from the boss, and take turns firing Magnum Shot as he starts to charge closer.
Designate a firing order as to avoid confusion, it is ineffective when the entire team fires at the same time.
  • In the event of a missed shot, the next archer shoots immediately and the order of loading/firing continues. Also, do not fire while the enemy is reeling; wait until the foe is standing back up.
  • If the enemy is out of range, do not pursue; hold your aim. Even though your hit rate is 0% now, your aim still improves while you hold the shot.
  • Since this tactic requires you to load, and hold onto a Magnum Shot, stamina is an issue. When out, load Firebolt instead until stamina recovers.
  • A single Campfire can provide fire arrows for the entire party, drastically increasing damage output.

Magic/Melee Based

Magic Smash/Ice Tennis

  • Used primarily in a group of 2.
  • One person loads Icebolt or Lightning Bolt while the other person loads Smash.
  • Once Icebolt or Lightning Bolt is shot at the enemy, the other member smashes the enemy.
  • The member who shoots the magic bolt loads Smash and the member who executed Smash loads a magic bolt.
    • Cannot be used against an enemy with Mana Deflector (within the exception that its Lvl 1).


  • Have one party member constantly load and execute Firebolt and have the other character stand in front of them and use Windmill when necessary.
  • Steps should go like this:
    • Mage shoots Firebolt, while Warrior loads Windmill.
    • When target comes in range, Warrior executes Windmill. (Mage is charging Firebolt at this time).
    • After enemy has gotten up and come in range of Firebolt, Mage shoots.
    • Repeat process.
  • Note: this can also be done with Icebolt or Lightning Bolt on monster without Mana Deflector and are stunned by Icebolt or Lightning Bolt, though Firebolt is easier.
  • Also possible with pet AI.

Stunning Smash

  • Used with two or more people, but two people is the most efficient.
  • One member continuously executes Icebolt or Lightning Bolt. If more than two people, have all but one person do this.
  • Other member continuously uses Smash against the enemies, while they are stunned. (If you Smash when the opponent is not stunned but running, you could take damage. Sometimes certain monsters strike non-aggroed players attempting Smash or normal attack on them while they are running at another player.)
    • Using an Icebolt or Lightning Bolt changes the AI and forces it to Charge towards the player, if it allows the monster to do so. It will not execute a skill and forces a Normal Attack.
  • This is very effective on Zombies.

Stunning Windmill/Icemill

  • 1 Windmill user (main damage dealer) and 1 Icebolt user (support)
  • Works well for multi-aggro dungeons with melee-based monsters. Still works on some monsters with magic, but takes a lot of coordination.
  • The Windmill user positions himself between a large group of enemies and windmills repeatedly. He may reposition depending on situation and timing.
  • Icebolt user precharges several bolts and stays out of aggro range if possible.
  • If an enemy is about to attack the windmiller coming out of Windmill, the Icebolter stuns it, buying the windmiller enough time to activate another Windmill. May need to stun multiple enemies, hence it is useful to have multiple charges.
  • The Icebolt user is encouraged to position themselves as needed to best lure monsters into the Windmiller's range, since Icebolt tends to force most monster AI into running straight at the magic user.


  • Requires Lightning Bolt Rank A and any rank windmill. (But with HIGH attack.)
  • Requires 2 or more people.
  • One will use Windmill and one will use Lightning Bolt.
    • This requires PRECISE timing to hit Windmill+Lightning Bolt at the same time.
    • Most recommended at Karu Stone Hounds.
  • Only good for immense damage and extremely risky.

Windmill Defense (WM Def)

  • Requires a person to use Windmill and another to cast magic.
  • The Miller will stand in front of the caster and load Windmill. The caster will lure a monster and stay behind the Miller.
  • When the monster is in range, execute Windmill. It will be knocked back.
  • The Caster will then strike the monster again with the bolt only AFTER it gets up because the Miller will need time to reload his/her Windmill.
  • Repeat as long as needed.
  • Note that Range can be replaced with Magic.

Windmill and Thunder (Adv. Magic)

  • You need somebody with Thunder any rank and a high rank Windmill, though rank F works.
  • Tested in a Shadow Mission.
  • You need somebody to fully charge Thunder. Then, you need somebody to have Windmill ready.
  • When the monsters are spawned, the person using Thunder executes it, and then the Windmiller should use it as soon as Thunder is used. It spreads out the thunder.
  • Thunder CANNOT be replaced by any other Adv. Magic.
  • When done correctly, Thunder should effectively hit every monster in the area. This was tested in Defeat the Shadow Warrior with 3 people. It should work in a dungeon. Needs tested for Dungeons.

Magic/Ranged Based


  • Used primarily in a group of 2.
  • One person loads Firebolt while the other person loads Ranged Attack.
  • Once Firebolt is executed, the other player shoots an arrow, as the enemy is getting up . This causes the enemy to get knocked down again.
    • Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield.
      • Magnum Shot can take the place of Ranged Attack. By doing this, the above statement can be voided, however, the aiming speed of the archer will greatly decrease, allowing much less room for misses.

Ice Arrow

  • Used Primarily in a group of 2.
  • One person fully loads Icebolt while the other person loads Ranged Attack (Preferably a weapon with a long range).
  • Players must stay at each other's side.
  • One player shoots an arrow to anger enemy, when enemy is within Icebolt's range execute all bolts.
  • While Icebolt is executed, Ranged Attack must be charged and fired at once.
  • Charge 1 or 2 Icebolts (depending on enemy's speed) and fire at once.
  • Repeat last two steps until enemy is dead.

Lightning Arrow

Elf+Human recommended. At least 1 elf and human. Rank A Lightning Bolt recommended. Rank A Ranged Attack recommended.

Magic Stun Magnum

  • Requires at least 1 player to have Magnum Shot and another to have Icebolt or Lightning Bolt.
  • One player loads and executes Magnum Shot.
  • As the enemy is running towards the player, the other player loads and executes Icebolt or Lightning Bolt.
  • If done correctly, the aim of the Magnum Shot will reach 99%.
    • Note This tactic CAN be used against a monster with Mana Deflector Lv. 2 or higher because the enemy will still have a delay time.

Melee/Ranged Based

Support Smash

  • Used primarily in a group of 2.
  • One member Loads Smash while the other loads Support Shot.
  • Support Shot is fired, and loaded again.
  • While the enemy is in the flinch animation from the arrow, the other member executes Smash.
  • This process is repeated until the enemy is defeated.
    • Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield level II or higher.
Support Shot is used due to the lower loading time and aiming speed than Ranged Attack as well as adds additional damage to the Smash.


  • Requires at least 1 archer, and 1 member with Windmill.
  • Used primarily as a defensive action. Both or all members will be required to retreat to a corner or a barricade of some sort. (e.g. Trees, Buildings, etc.)
  • The archer loads Magnum Shot while the other member stands a couple feet in front of the archer and loads Windmill.
  • The archer will execute Magnum Shot, knocking the enemy down, then loads Magnum Shot again.
  • While the archer is taking the time to aim, Windmill is executed.
  • This process continues until the enemy is defeated.
    • If the archer misses, the other member will have to resort to Mill Spam, therefore, at least rank 9 Windmill is preferred.

Mill Shield

  • Primarily for use in Dungeons, this is a 2 person tactic that focuses heavily on ranged weapons, and defending the archer from aggro. Also very effective if the melee fighter is inexperienced.
  • The archer stands in the corner of the room and focuses on shooting as many arrows as possible, as fast as possible. If more than one enemy is aggroed, it's sometimes necessary to swap targets as needed to slow each of them down.
  • Somebody else stands slightly in front of the archer and spams Windmill, when the enemy charges in at the archer; they will be knocked back.
  • Higher levels of Windmill can help, but is not necessary if the archer doesn't miss too often.
  • Recommended with Arrow Revolver, or an Elf Character.

Mag + Smash (party with at least 2 people)

  • Load smash while your friend loads magnum.
  • Let the smash hit first then the magnum.
  • Keep repeating these steps unless the enemy uses counter or windmill.
  • If the enemy is using counter or windmill then let magnum hit first and then smash.

Infinite support (party with at least 2 people)

  • Have your friend use final hit while you spam support shot next to the enemy (vice versa).
  • If your ally is an elf, the elf can use final shot to speed up the process.
  • If you have more than 2 party members it is suggested to have even numbers on who spams support shot and who does final hit.
  • You can also replace support shot with mirage missile or combine the two to add even more damage.
  • However it is not recommended because mirage missile adds to the knockdown gauge of the enemy unless it is used before final hit to prevent defeating the purpose of the tactic.

Undisturbed Taunt (party with at least 2 people)

  • Have a giant use Taunt and windguard to tank hits.
  • Once the giant picks up the aggro of every enemy in the area, have an archer spam crash shot.
  • If necessary, have a healer healing the giant to prevent the tactic from failing.
  • You may also replace the archer with a mage using adv magic but it is not recommended since it knocks back the enemy and makes the enemy aggro you.


Flaming Blaze

  • One character loads flame burst and fires upon a group of enemies
  • The other character waits at the end of the fire stream charging blaze
  • After the final hit of Flame burst the enemies are knocked back
  • At this time the Blazer fires the skill
  • Repeatable if the mobs are still alive

Melee/Alchemy Based

Smash Cannon

  • Same as Magic Smash/Ice Tennis
  • One person loads water cannon while the other person loads Smash.
  • Once water cannon is shot at the enemy, the other person smashes the enemy.
  • Repeat.
  • Or vice-versa