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Monster Battle Tactics

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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
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This is a page for battle tactics for killing certain monsters, and battle tactics especially designed for those. For general tactics, see Solo Battle Tactics, Team Battle Tactics or Pet Battle Tactics.

In the world of Erinn every monster has a different way of interacting outside of battle and within one. Some may behave defensively in battle and some may strike without warning. The monsters may react towards players depending on their individual AI, while others may take advantage of the player's CP.

The player's distance may give the upper hand to start a battle or to get away from danger. Most monsters, even those such as Chickens and Sheep, will not move from their position due to the player's distance. Although they will not harm a player, they will however behave differently if the player's pet is around.

Aggressive monster's take this even further by the certain range they react to when the player or their pet is near by. Most monsters may ignore a player if they are in 'Normal Mode' and many others take offense if the player is in 'Combat Mode'. Beware as certain monsters will behave as a group to combat a player.

General Information

  • You should use Manual attack for every tactic here.
  • Note that, monsters with similar properties to another one may be subject to the same tactic: e.g. Black Succubus is similar to Red Succubus.
  • Some tactics listed under some specific monsters may work on many others, such as N+Icebolt (Wisp) works for any monster that is Normal speed or slower, or if you have R9+ Icebolt, Fast speed or slower.

Note: Some tactics may not work efficiently due to latency between you and the server.


Ice Revolver

  • Requires at least Rank 9 Icebolt
  • Constantly load and shoot Icebolt at Cyclops.
  • Because of its Mana Deflector it will be stunned, not knocked back or over, on any hit.
  • If the Cyclops gets too close for you, loading Counterattack (recommended), Windmill with a high rank, summoning a pet with and AoE (Area of Effect) attack on summon that knocks back (Such as the Flame Mares), or Firebolt will help keep some distance. However, if using Firebolt, running away is recommended due to high charging times for a single charge.

Ice Counter

  • Requires at least Rank F Icebolt and Counterattack
  • Attack the Cyclops with Smash or Icebolt.
  • Immediately load Counterattack.
  • Charge Icebolt and shoot it at Cyclops as soon as he is countered.
  • Repeat the Icebolt-Counter sequence until the Cyclops is dead.



  • A Kite Shield and HP potions are highly recommended. (Also, the Red/Blue Golems in Ciar Intermediate have high damage rating, so this method is not recommended against them.)
  • Unusable against the Small Black Golem of Ciar Advanced...because they can do about 180 damage on a critical, against Defense with a Kite Shield, and they have Heavy Stander.
  • Start the battle with a Smash/N+1/N+WM.
  • Activate Defense and walk back. If maneuvered properly, the player should be able to move out of the Golem's stomp range if it decides to use Stomp.
  • Walking back may not be fast enough on Ceo Golems, sometimes it is best to run back (switch to walk as golem stomps, then run again) and use counter or defense.
  • If you do get stomped and have less 50% hp, use pots very quickly to get your hp close to full.
  • If the Golem starts walking, do not hesitate; quickly Smash it. Activate defense after.
  • Once the Golem attacks the player in defense mode, initiate N+1 or N+WM. Charge defense and walk back. Repeat until the Golem is defeated.
  • High HP and the Paladin/Dark Knight transformations are very helpful.


  • Recommended for Beginners to use this method in a party.
  • Corner the Golem into a corner or a wall. (Doesn't apply for Ceo Island Golems unless you manage to use a Tree or Campfire or any other obstacles)
  • Have the party repeatedly use Smash then Windmill until the Golem has been defeated.
  • Solo method is executed the same way but it is recommended to have R9 or higher Windmill for the lessen activation time due to soloing. (However, it's not necessary.)
  • Golem has a chance of activating Windmill if it is done too slowly, incorrectly, or uncoordinated
  • Note: Golem actually doesn't have to be cornered, but it's riskier if it's not.


  • Can't be done with 1-hit weapons.
  • Hit the golem once, and load and execute Windmill.
  • This should make the golem attempt to Stomp.
  • Run up to it, hit it again, Windmill.
  • Chain the process infinitely.
  • This tactic can be done even if the Golem is not cornered.
  • Golem has a chance to normal attack you if you do this too slowly.
  • Does not work with a 100% chance.

Final Hit

  • Because they do not have Heavy Stander and relatively low HP, Final Hit is ideally suited for dispatching individual golems.
    • Final Hitting Golem in Ciar Advanced is not recommended unless you are transformed.
  • If Final Hit wears off before the golem is defeated, finish it off with an N+WM.

Battle Station

  • Requires 2 ~ 8 people with decently ranked Icebolt.
  • A person with Rank 5+ Barrier Spikes is recommended.
  • Charge Icebolt 5 times and then start shooting the Golem.
  • Keep a maximum distance to maintain survival.
  • There must be AT LEAST 2 Shooters.
  • You MUST take turns.
  • If you have Barrier Spikes, stand behind it and shoot Icebolts.
  • If you don't have enough Barrier Spikes to cast, make 2 ~ 4 people stand behind the same one.
  • An Ice Wand with Chaincasting is highly recommended.
  • This tactic takes a long time, but it's useful for Icebolt/Barrier Spikes Training.
  • Lightning Bolt may be replaced with Icebolt, but do not use 2 Lightning Bolt stuns to confuse the Golem.
  • If you're fighting more than 1 Golem at a time, you must have 2 groups fighting each Golem (i.e. 2 golems = 4 groups, 3 golems = 6 groups, and so on).


Windmill Spam (Solo)

  • R9 or higher Windmill is necessary.
  • Knocking a Lycanthrope with any attack besides Windmill may cause it to Level Up and regain all its HP.
  • Constantly load and execute Windmill until the Lycanthrope has been defeated. No other skills.
  • Note:Your first attack may be any skill, recommended to use a Skill that only hits once and will do a lot of damage. (I.E Smash)

Windheal (Solo)

  • All kinds of potions (HP, MP, Stamina) highly recommended.
  • Find ONE Lycanthrope. If there are two close together, lure one away.
  • Windmill, and cancel the animation by casting Healing.
  • Lycanthrope should do reduced damage because of Healing defense. But remember that it has 4 hits.
  • After being knocked back Healing charges will disappear, so quickly use HP/MP/Stamina pots if necessary and then load Windmill.
  • Execute it as soon as possible and repeat.
    • Note: Technically this is possible with 2 Lycanthropes, but risky because if the first Lycanthrope knocks you back and rids you of your Healing charges, the other Lycanthrope might hit you with 4 undefended attacks.

WM Shield

  • Requires 3 - 7 people with Windmill and Icebolt or Lightning Bolt.
  • First, Make a Character Shield. (Spread out.)
  • Have the magic person charge Icebolt and use it on the Lycanthropes.(Firebolt will not lure it.)
  • Have a bodyguard windmill it.and Recharge.
  • Then use another icebolt to a Lycanthrope.
  • Repeat the steps until both Lycanthropes are dead.(If the windmillers are doing low damage,Slow down a bit so you won't get killed.)
  • Lightning Bolt is just a substitute if you want to do 1 damage to have time saved.

1+Defense (Solo)

Ogre Warrior

Fire Counter

Counter Stack

  • This requires maybe 2~3 players, pets can count as well.
  • Have 1 person use some sort of an attack to knockback; Firebolt, Windmill, or Magnum Shot are most recommended.
  • Have 1~2 other players stack with the one attacking and have them set up Counter, this way, if the Ogre Warrior attacks, it's splash damage will be Countered and no damage will be applied to anyone but the Ogre.
    • Note: The larger Ogre Warrior in Barri Dungeon does NOT apply splash damage.
  • Note that if you do mess up, high chance of the entire group getting heavy damage, especially if the one the Ogre Warrior is targeting has a lot of HP because Ogre Warriors can hit multiple time.

Fire-Ice Counter

  • Might want to have "Nagle" disabled.
  • Decently high rank Icebolt or Lightning Bolt if "Nagle" is not disabled, if it is, Rank F Bolts will work.
  • Start off with a Firebolt then Ice/Lighting Bolt then Counter then another Firebolt then Ice/Lighting then Counter and repeat until defeated, same method that is used on a Succubus.
  • This method may seem dangerous but it has its Pro's, such as unlike Fire Counter where the Ogre Warrior will have a chance of running towards you, stops then use Stomp, using Ice or Lighting after a Firebolt will cause it to run directly to you.
  • For this to work successfully, make sure you wait for the Ogre to be the farthest range but close enough that you do not have to move when you Ice or Lighting Bolt.

Fire Rocket

  • Requires Rank 5 Firebolt (2 second charge time, Rank 9 Firebolt has 2.25 second charge time, unconfirmed if Rank 9~Rank 6 Firebolt will work here.)
  • Constantly charge and execute Firebolt on a single Ogre Warrior.
  • The Ogre Warrior should not have time to respond.

Windmill Counter (Solo)

  • Requires 1 ~ 2 people.
  • Have Rank 9 Firebolt(Haven't tested if Rank F ~ Rank A will work.)
  • Recommended to have stamina potions.
    • Should another person accompany you, have him/her play Enduring Melody.
  • First, Firebolt or Smash.
  • Then, use Counterattack.
  • If it uses Stomp, run back and use Firebolt,then Counterattack it.
  • If you Counterattacked it, use Windmill.
  • Repeat step 5 if its going to Stomp.
  • Repeat step 3 - 7 until the Ogre Warrior is dead.

Windmiller's Path

  • Rank F Windmill can work but it's recommended Rank 9.
  • First, This can only take one ogre at a time, so leave all monsters out of their aggro range.
  • Windmill once, then walk away a bit then charge Windmill.


Whether it is red or black, the technique is the same.


Pure Firebolt

  • Constantly load/execute Firebolt.
  • You can firebolt it continuously without the need to have a high rank firebolt, they do activate mana reflector HOWEVER it does knock them back which gives you ample time even at Rank F to charge and execute firebolt.
  • Then, run back a little more and release Firebolt, and repeat. This is to prevent Succubus getting closer to you.

Pure Smash

  • Requires at least Rank F Smash
  • Smash Succubus.
  • As soon as Succubus starts charging magic or Defense, Smash her and repeat.

Hit and Run

  • Requires at least Rank F Firebolt or Rank F Smash or Rank F Magnum Shot
  • Charge Firebolt or Smash or Magnum Shot and hit Succubus. Proceed to run quickly back.
  • Once Succubus de-aggroes, repeat.
    • It must return to the vicinity of its original position before it will de-aggro, if it is attacked while it's walking back it will counter with a Normal Attack.

Fire-Ice Counter

  • Requires at least Rank F Firebolt, Icebolt and Counterattack
  • Charge Firebolt and launch it at Succubus.
  • Immediately charge Icebolt and launch it. The Succubus should ping blue and charge towards the player.
  • Quickly activate Counterattack and let the Succubus run into it. Repeat.
  • Note: : Icebolt can be replaced with Lightning Bolt if preferred.

Fire-Lightning-Windmill Loop

  • Can be done with all skills with Rank F.
  • Start with Firebolt.
  • Cast Lightning Bolt.
  • Try to mix in Windmill or do it Lightning Bolt-Firebolt.
  • If Succubus/Incubus tries to cast magic, Run or summon a pet to interrupt it.

Hell Hound

Pet Revolver

  • Also known as Pet Smash.
  • Smash or combo with a pet against the hellhound. (Summon pet, type "Smash!" and shift-ctrl-click the monster, or just shift-ctrl-click the monster for the normal combo). After the last attack of the combo or after Smash begins its animation, return the pet. If timed correctly, the pet will not be hurt.
  • Summon a different pet (or wait until the same pet can be summoned again).
  • Repeat process until all hellhounds are defeated.
  • Note: It could be fatal to stay in the boss room with this method since it is possible to be attacked by all hellhounds at once due to their large aggro range. Attacking from outside the boss room is recommended.
  • While this technique can be performed with a single pet, it is preferable to have at least 4 pets to minimize the summoning delay.

Ice Rocket

  • This method is good for preventing the Hellhound from charging Firebolt.
  • Make sure you have a decent amount of HP before you start this.
  • Constantly load and execute Icebolt. This will not give it time to Firebolt you.
  • If it charges you, quickly load Defense or Counterattack. (It could help to do this with the sound on so you can hear the casting).
  • May also work if Hellhound has Firebolt charged. Hellhound will rush towards you, but will not cast before you can cast Icebolt again.


Archers are any enemies that are using bows, Goblin Archers, Sahagin Rangers, Kobold Archers, etc.

Method 1

  • All of the bows of fomors are fairly short-ranged.
  • When a monster aggroes, run back and charge a magic bolt. If it is the type to run away while if using bow (e.g. Goblin Archers), immediately charge.
  • As soon as the monster stops trying to aim go and hit it with the bolt (Firebolt recommended)
  • Repeat until the monster is defeated or you can get within close range of it, or it switches out of bow.

Method 2

  • Ice Revolver (see Ice Revolver) till it charges then Magic Counter or Defense followed by N+1/N+WM depending on the strength of the enemy's melee attack.

Method 3

  • Use Arrow Revolver, high ranked range, or SoG (if monsters don't have Natural Shield).
  • Try to range more than one monster at a time if more than one monster has already charged a ranged skill.



  • Start with a combo and immediately after the combo ends charge Icebolt (this can be done with Rank F).
  • Shoot Icebolt as soon as possible, and then attack the stunned Wisp with another combo and repeat.
    • If the Wisp is defending, smash it and proceed by loading Icebolt while the smash animation is still in progress, then continue.

Icebolt Counter Mix

  • Start with a combo.
  • Immediately charge Counterattack after the Icebolt ends.
    • If the wisp goes !!! meaning it will do lightning, cancel counter and hit it, and repeat step 1.
    • If the wisp runs into the counter, continue on with the steps.
  • Charge Icebolt after counter.
  • Wait until the Wisp is within Rank F Windmill distance, then hit it, stunning it. Then combo it and repeat from step 2.
    • If the wisp is in defense, you can:
      • Smash and Counter
      • Smash and Icebolt
      • Counter
      • Get close, crash its Defense with Icebolt, and hit with combo and repeat from step 1.
      • Defense (combo after hit and repeat step 1)
      • Firebolt and Counter (dangerous, tends to make Wisp do Lightning)


  • Start with an N+Windmill
  • When the Wisp gets knocked back by the Windmill, it usually charges Lightning Bolt, or does not attack.
  • Attack it again with 1+WM. Repeat.
  • Do not attempt to N+WM after the first time, the wisp will be knocked back in N regardless of N+1 timing and the chain will be broken.


Hide and Hit

  • Hit the bear, preferably with long range magic or a bow.
  • Run behind the nearest obstacle and get the bear stuck behind it. Any obstacle will do, though the bigger, the better.
  • After that, charge more magic or range and hit again.
  • Repeat process.

Skeletons (Mob)

These instructions are for killing groups of skeletons.


  • Possible with Rank F Windmill due to Skeleton knockdown lag time.
  • Stay in place, or run backwards into a mob every time you successfully Windmill Skeleton, and just keeping using Windmill once the Skeleton is in range.
    • Glitches make it is possible for the Skeleton to hit you while the game still considers it to be outside of your range, just be aware of that.


  • Not possible with Armored Skeletons (possession of Passive Defense) and Metal Skeletons (due to their possession of Windmill. However, you can stay out of their WM range).
  • Wait for a Skeleton to aggro, or if you can deal with multiaggro, just go and hit a skeleton.
  • Chase the Skeleton and knock it down with combo:
    • If the Skeleton charges a skill:
      • Hit the Skeleton if you can see it's Smash.
      • If you can see it's Defense or Counterattack, then wait in front of the monster for the skill to end and immediately end its skill. Alternatively, you can Smash its Defense or Windmill its Counterattack.
    • If the Skeleton doesn't charge a skill, knock it down again and repeat.
  • If done correctly, this method will almost never get you hit.
  • Because of the Iria Update, this is harder to execute due to the "AI Bug."

Firebolt Spam

  • Harder on the skeletons with full armor, but the light armor ones in Rabbie basic will work, but this is harder to pull off with them.
  • Requires at least Rank F Firebolt, but is extremely hard to pull off.
  • Harder to do on Red Skeletons due to the fact that they are fire type, so your damage against them is greatly reduced. Will still work, but harder to stay out of multi-agrro with Red Skeletons.
    • Easier to pull off at Rank 9 Firebolt.
    • Rank 5 Firebolt highly recommended, due to extremely fast charging time.
  • Load Firebolt to 5 charges.
  • Hit the chest, orb etc.
  • Get into the corner farthest away from the most skeletons.
  • Hit the skeleton nearest to you. If it dies, move on the next one, and keep on repeating until all skeletons in the room are dead.
  • If the skeleton is not dead, load 1 charge of firebolt (more if you can chaincast, but take the time to charge only once)
  • Repeat until skeleton is dead, then move on to the next one.
    • The skeleton may load a skill and run towards you. That means that it has smash loaded. When you fire the firebolt, regardless of distance, it will attempt to smash you. This usually does not work, as the firebolt casting animation is faster than the smash animation. However, in the unlucky case that you happen to lag EXACTLY on that moment, you will most likely go into deadly.
      • There is a glitch where you will be in the position of being smashed, and if you play dead at the right moment, you can play dead in the smash position.

Splash Bash

  • Must have Smash Splash (Smash Rank 5+)
  • Magnum Shot Splash works too, but is not efficient.
  • Have one aggro you, or smash a Skeleton that is next to one.
  • Will work the best with Single Aggro Skeletons.
  • This works with all skeletons that DO NOT have Self-destruct or multi aggro..
  • If a Skeleton survives the smash, Finish it off, or execute to the next Skeleton.
  • Note that Rank 5 ~ Rank 2 Smash can/and/or/will need the Skeleton to be finished off to pull this tactic safely, so only try this with Two-handed blade with decent damage.

Goblin/Kobold (Mob)


  • Possible with Rank F Windmill and Novice Counter.
  • Execute Windmill or Counter first (it doesn't matter, but if one aggroed, use Counter, if its too close, 1+WM)
    • When Counter animation BEGINS, immediately load windmill and execute it as soon as possible.
    • Use Windmill ASAP.
  • Repeat until all mob are cleared, this can even be done with one.
  • Note: Not usable with multi-aggro monsters or mixed rooms.

Gorgon (Mob)

  • Strategy is based on a mob of two to three Gorgons, you should never get more than 3 at a time.
  • Gorgons aggro very fast, have very fast speed, and are multi-aggro, so it's almost impossible not to get hit a few times. Your goal is to keep the damage to minimum.


  • Siren has 30% Protection. Requires at least 61% critical to make her mask drop, but at 1% chance. 90% critical will give a 30% chance of dropping mask.
  • Hardmode Siren has ~60% Protection, requiring at least 121% critical to make her mask drop. 151% will give you a 30% chance.

Windmill-Smash Loop

  • Intended to give you maximum number of smashes for maximum chance of dropping Siren's mask.
  • Can be done with Novice Smash and Rank F Windmill.
  • First start off by using a long range knockdown attack (preferably Windmill). Siren will summon some Sahagins, so run to the other side of the room and charge Windmill.
    • If at any time Siren tries to charge Thunder, charge Firebolt and shoot her.
  • After dragging her across about half the room, load Windmill and execute.
  • Load Smash immediately. Run from Siren when you have to, and when she uses Defense or Thunder, smash her.
    • If at any time now, Siren tries to charge Thunder, charge Smash and hit. It takes 5.5 seconds for Siren's Thunder to fully charge.
  • If she is standing still, you can use Firebolt or wait. Stay out of Windmill range.
  • After a successful Smash, load Windmill.
  • Repeat process until defeated.

Smash Spam

  • Intended to give you even more Smashes at Siren than the above strategy.
  • Can be done with any Rank Smash and F or above Magic Bolt Spells.
  • First, charge a magic bolt (Preferably Firebolt) and fire at Siren. She'll summon some Sahagins and be in Combat Mode. This means she will drop her mask.
  • She runs as fast as you, so charge Smash and run around the room in circles (Try to stay away from the Sahagin mob) until she uses Thunder or Defense.
  • Smash her and run away, as she'll Teleport behind you.
  • If the mask drops, defeat her. If not, repeat the process.
  • Beware, she may walk with Smash loaded for a few seconds (Much shorter than Goblins, though.)
  • This tactic will give you far more attempts at Smashing Siren than the above tactic will.

Arc Lich

  • Basically, Lure Bomb Steeds into Arc Lich, and keep them there. The bombs from Steeds will take 10-15% HP each time it explodes on Arc Lich. Keep in mind you will take the same damage too.

Suicide Bomber

Lure+Play Dead

  • Aggro Bomb steeds and use Play Dead near Arc Lich
  • Tactic is suicidal because the bomb steed can still hit you while you're faking.
  • Arc Lich can hit you while you are playing dead.

Other Methods

  • Hydra Transmutation, Mirage Missile, and the DOT from Dischord can also be used to inflict some damage


  • The possession of Dragon Dash Attack makes these difficult to kill.
  • Dragons are meant to be killed in groups. The tactics are meant for multiple people to use. Each person should follow the instructions.

Mill Lock

  • Position yourself behind the dragon.
  • Attack it with any skill(s) except Windmill.
  • If the dragon uses Dragon Dash Attack quickly use Windmill. If done at the right time it will charge back in front of you.
  • If not, simply wait for it to come back.
    • If it uses Flight use a Flying Pet, or hide behind an obstacle to avoid getting hit.
  • Repeat until Dragon is dead.
  • Significantly less effective on the Red Dragon.

Red Ghost/Blue Ghost

  • Tactics are for the ghosts in Peaca Dungeon.
  • The Ghost in the Scary Library can also work.

Teleport Trap

  • Have a group stand in front of the corner with windmill loaded. Leave a little leeway for the ghost.
  • Have one person use Firebolt to lure the ghost into the corner via Teleport. (If a Firebolt is used when the ghost has not yet aggroed, another one is needed).
  • The entire group should then spam Windmill until the ghost is dead.