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Slime Wyneb

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"Gelatinous Bomb" is not in the list (Defense, Counterattack, Elf Ranged Attack, Abyss Snare, Abyss Terror, Act 1: Inciting Incident, Act 2: Threshold Cutter, Act 4: Rising Action, Act 6: Crisis, Act 7: Climactic Crash, ...) of allowed values for the "Monster skills" property.

For a list of the Slime family, see here.

Crom Bás Monster Slime Wyneb

Picture of Slime Wyneb
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
? Medium Unknown Unknown Yes100 Multi Unknown
Skills Sharp Mind Fail.png100 Chain Casting.png100 Defense.png100 Counterattack.png100 Lightning Bolt.png100 Firebolt.png100 Icebolt.png100 Thunder.png100 Fireball.png100 Ice Spear.png100 Unknown.png100 Heavy Stander.png100 Mana Deflector.png100 Natural Shield (Monster).png100
Difficulty Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
? ? - ? (?) ? ? ?


  • Wyneb is a Welsh word meaning face.
  • The introduction of Slime Wyneb in KR translates to:
    • Slimes are creatures that act on instinct.
      It's believed Slimes are not intelligent enough to be capable of rational thought.
      But rationality there is.
      It's needless to say that Slimes capable of freely expressing their feelings and desires are particularly remarkable.
      Followers claim intelligent slimes are proof of the Great One's miracles.
      Perhaps this little slime is an object of faith for some.