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Template:DataMonsterGlas Ghaibhleann

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Glas Ghaibhleann |Page=Glas Ghaibhleann |Mainstream=Y

|DungeonLocations=*Albey Goddess (Boss)

|HP=5,000 |CP=9999 |Defense=0 |Protection=0 |Speed=Fast |Element=None

|MeleeHits=1 |MeleeDamage=50-150 |MagicHits=? |MagicDamage=?

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange=Far |AggroSpeed=Fast

|EXP=5,000 (+500) |Gold=1,300 |DropEquip=*None |DropMisc=*None

|SkillWindmill=y |SkillInstinctiveReaction=y |SkillFastRegeneration=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillLaser=y |SkillGlasGhaibhleann=y |SkillSummon=y |SkillHeavyStander=2 |SkillAdvancedHeavyStander=y

|Notes=*It can summon Light Gargoyles in amounts of 1-6. They spawn in a hexagonal pattern around Glas, but if a wall is in the way, fewer will be summoned.

    • It will only summon them if there are no other gargoyles alive and he is aggroed on someone.
  • It has an extremely fast natural HP recovery, so it must be wounded in order for progress to be made if you cannot deal out a heavy amount of damage quickly.
  • Despite possessing Advanced Heavy Stander, Glas is only immune to knockdown.
  • Can be snared by Puppet's Snare.

|Advice=*A high ranked Critical Hit is beneficial when using any skills to deal damage.

  • A high level, fully charged Thunder or Fireball can take Glas out with one shot.
  • Rank 4+ Magnum Shot is helpful for wounding and damaging.
  • You can Chaincast with Rank 5+ Firebolt, but be sure you have a heavy stock of mana potions. Alternatively, you can have your team burn Seal Scrolls and everyone can Final Hit Glas, but be cautious as the rest of the gargoyles can aggro you.
  • A player with Rank 1 Windmill or two or more players with at least Rank 5 Windmill can handle Glas.
    • Method: One person runs into the boss room and forces Glas to spawn Light Gargoyles, while the other two people stay in the normal dungeon room outside the boss room, with Windmill loaded. The person spawning the Gargoyles lures Glas back into the small room, past the two Windmillers. Windmill Glas into a corner, which is fairly easy as he is quite large, then take turns Windmilling until he dies. Usually takes about 5 minutes, if not less, with high critical.
  • Non-archer characters should burn Seal Scrolls dropped by the Gargoyles to gain invincibility and 100% wound rate in order to deal damage.
  • Another strategy is to surround Glas with players and perform Zero Shot until he dies. However, this method NEEDS timing and the archers CANNOT miss. Only works with rank 1 Ranged Attack or Arrow Revolver. Seal Scroll burning is advised.
    • Due to their reduced loading time, a single elf at any rank Ranged Attack can pin Glas until their arrows run out.
  • Another method would be to lure Glas into the small room before the boss room and snare him on a campfire, allowing him to be shot repeatedly without being able to reach the player(s).