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Traveling Boom Box

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For the expiring version, see Boom Box.


Dance Party is a mini-game similar to that of the Fashion Contest, featuring unique dance moves.
Inventory icon of Boom Box

2 × 2

This Boom Box will let you start up Dance Time anywhere. Bust a move with others in appropriate places!


  • Can be traded.
  • Can be stored on pets, partners, and bank.


  • Dance Party can only be started in a party of two, no more and no fewer.
  • Summons a boom box that can be clicked on to start a Doki Doki Dance Party.
    • Awards 50 Romantic Points when scoring at least 50 points in the Dance Party with your Soulmate.
    • Only the boom box's owner can use it to start the dance.
      • All party members in the party can use the boom box.
    • The color of the boom box does not affect the summoned boom box's color.
    • Using the box after it is summoned will re-summon it.
      • The box will also disappear on its own after 5 minutes.
    • Once the dancing has started, both players are immobilized.
      • It is possible to load or have loaded skills, talk to NPCs, and ride a mount while dancing.
        • As of an update(?) players are forced to dismount all pets besides the snowy owl while dancing
  • Contains the following songs, chosen by random:

Doki Doki Dance Party

  • Activated by the summoner of the Boom Box while in a party of two.
  • Using the WASD and Space keys, press the keys to match the sequence on screen to dance.
    • You and your partner will take turn inputting a sequence that appears on-screen.
    • One point is obtained, per correct button pressed, regardless of completion.
    • Three additional points are awarded for each completed sequence.
  • There are roughly 7-20~ characters per sequence, and there are ? sequences per dance.
  • Players have 5 seconds to type in a sequence correctly.
  • Mistyping in a sequence will prevent the player from further progression on that sequence.

Methods to Obtain