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this is an archive page for the user Miyani. It's to preserve idea or templates i've coded, and archive my talk page.

Note: an example of the palette template on it's own.

Dye Templates used

Equipment Dye Part A Part B Part C
Clothing Cloth Leather Cloth

(just sticking these here for easy access): Leather Cloth Nylon Pixie Giant

Dye Palettes


File:Becky Witch Dress.gif Becky Witch Dress Equipped Front.png Becky Witch Dress Equipped Side.png Becky Witch Dress Equipped Back.png Becky Witch Dress Equipped Angled.png
2 x 3 Front Side Back Angled

This cleavage-baring dress lends a voluptuous look for ladies, and is cinched at the bosom and waist to accentuate a feminine silhouette.

Because it is clothing and not armor, you may wear two accessories with this.

See also Clothing List (Female) and Category:Clothes.


Female Only

Clothing Grades

Type Defense Protection Durability
Original 2 0 10

Dye Template

Palette Location Equipment Dye Part A Part-a.PNG Part B Part-b.PNG Part C Part-c.PNG Notes
Becky template.png Clothing Leather Leather Leather None.

Repair Costs

Success Rate Cost
94% ?g
98% 895g

Drop Locations

What Where Enchants
Giant Alligator Iria (Courcle Field Boss) -

Tailoring Requirements


Upgrade Name Proficiency Upgrade Details UG # Cost NPC
Tailoring 20 Max Durability +5
0~0 15,000 Simon
Lining Attachment 1 20 Defense +1
Max Durability +1
0~2 10,000
Lining Attachment 2 20 Protection +1
Max Durability +1
0~2 10,000
Lining Attachment 3 40 Protection +1
Defense +1
1~2 15,000
Effie's Cloth Armor Upgrade 50 Defense +1, Protection +1
Durability -3
2~2 17,000 Effie
Simon's Cloth Armor Special 60 Defense +2, Protection +1
Durability -5
2~2 30,000 Simon
Lepus's Cloth Armor Special 55 Defense +2, Protection +1
Durability -6
2~2 23,100 Lepus
Artisan Upgrade 100 Defense +1 ~ +3
Protection +1 ~ +2
Maximum HP +1 ~ +5
Will +5 ~ +10
2~2 20,000 Simon
  1. There is a chance for any of these stat rolls to not be applied, resulting in no additional points for the respective stat.

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