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What It Means to Protect

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For other g19 missions, see Category:G19 Shadow Missions.
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Tips and Advices

  • It is advised to bring lots of potions and/or Nao Soul Stones.
  • While Girgashiy is using Soul Absorption, stand back and wait for your soul to be summoned.
    • Using normal attacks, attack the soul to stun it, while Altam and Avelin are attacking Girgashiy to cancel the skill.
  • Using Rag Dolls and or Monster Mercenary can be useful.
    • They will repetitively attack Girgashiy to cancel the Fanaticism skill, leaving you unharmed.
    • Rag Dolls are not affected by Mineral Hail.

Mission Information

  • G19 Quest: Realization
  • Party Size: 1
  • Time Limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Mission Details: Fight with the Girgashiy. You must protect your allies with your newfound strength.
  • Info: Defeat the Apostle



EXP Gold
Basic ? ?
Intermediate 97200 5040
Advanced ? ?
Hard 150,000 6,000