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Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter redirects here. For the Talent, see Treasure Hunter (Talent).
Portrait of Treasure HunterFile:Treasure Hunter.png
Treasure Hunter
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Occupation Treasure Hunter

Website Description

Treasure Hunting originates from a mysterious elf with a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Determined to be better than the rest, the Treasure Hunter became proficient in survival skills, and specialized in dual-wielding guns.

Treasure Hunters take full advantage of their exceptional instinct, intuition, athleticism, perception and survival skills; putting them to use as they delve into their archaeology. While a Treasure Hunter stands out in any crowd because of their unique looks, it almost impossible to track them down due to their nomadic lifestyle and sage-like knowledge of survival.[1]


Shaggy hair pours over his bronzed skin and cool, gold eyes. Everything about this man exudes liberty, from his explorer's outfit to the sureness of his stance.

A highly adept survivalist and part of the Aces. His real name is unknown and simply goes by Treasure Hunter. He has superb skills in tracking and knowledge of artifacts with Exploration Mastery and Artifact Investigation, as well as survival with Crisis Escape. However, Treasure Hunter is shown to be very greedy and frequently demands money over trivial things. He travels with his gorilla partner Pinky.

Treasure Hunter occasionally clashes with Merlin as he thinks Merlin is immature and incompetent as his antiques frequently land the two in unnecessary trouble. Treasure Hunter also targets Merlin for his money. Likewise, Merlin thinks Treasure Hunter is an annoyance.

Mainstream Story