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Portrait of StarletFile:Starlet.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Starlet



Aces Micro-Site Description

Idolized by musicians the world over, Starlet has ushered in a new generation of song and sound in Erinn. Though she may seem shy and waifish upon meeting her for the first time, when Starlet takes the stage her performances are pure magic. But can her music truly change the world, and what effect will her power to inspire have on Erinn and the Aces? Erinn is a world full of music, but never before has an individual been able to channel voice into pure, unbridled power. Starlet's arrival spurred a cultural explosion, and she sings in the hopes that her music can inspire all Milletians.

However, off the stage she has the innocence and naivety of a child, and would be in a tough spot without the support of her fellow Aces. There's no denying she's destined for the spotlight, but with so many eyes on her, she needs friends to watch her back. Unwinding is an important part of preparing for the next performance, but without someone to carefully manage her lifestyle, does Starlet risk completely falling apart?[1]


Whisper soft eyes peer out from under a mane of artfully messy black locks. Her posture, her demeanor, her outfit; all speak to a bottomless well of charisma. And when she hums, you feel like you could take on the world.

A highly skilled musician and part of the Aces. Her real name is unknown and simply goes by Starlet. She is widely praised for her Songs that come from her heart and soul as well as being the creator of the Fantastic Chorus, and many wish to hear her Encores. Starlet loves spreading joy and happiness throughout the world, but is also very naive and child-like, such as dancing under Cherry Blossom Trees as they sprinkle their leaves over her.

Merlin seems to be infatuated Starlet, and enjoys spending his time with and being noticed by her. Professor J admires Starlet's work, but feels that Merlin is bothering her too much. Starlet's opinion on her male companions is currently unknown, and appears to be oblivious to Merlin's infatuation.


Mainstream Story


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Track Title
An Old Story from Grandma (Diva Ver.)
Aces: Starlet's Theme
Log-in title track for the Diva update (Korea voice)
An Old Story from Grandma (Diva Version, master)
Starlet's Theme (Lyricless)
Used in certain cutscenes related to Starlet


  • She is known as Diva in Mabinogi Korea, Aria in Mabinogi Japan, and Boann in the development stage of Mabinogi Korea.
    • Boann is a Celtic goddess. Her name was changed to Diva because the developers felt that players would not be familiar with the name Boann, unlike with Merlin.
    • Aria is a term in music, meaning an expressive melody, usually, not always, performed by a singer. Also, a solo part to an opera.
  • Starlet means a young female actress or singer.
  • According to Nele, she made a performance in Tara Rath Castle, and has no known name other than Starlet. He also mentions that a spectator said her voice ranged from "goddess to beast".
  • According to Atrata and Kousai, Starlet was looking into an illusion in Longa Desert, even going as far as Courcle to see if there was a magical explanation behind it, which Atrata claims to be true.
    • Nele theorizes that the magical concept behind a desert mirage led to the creation of Fantastic Chorus.