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Portrait of Merlin
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Druid

Aces Micro-Site Description

They say a true genius is born only once in a hundred years. The century Merlin emerged, he changed magic forever. But that was generations ago, and he has faded into history.

And now there are reports of a youth fitting his description helping those in need and pranking evildoers...

He cast his first Lightning Bolt at age three. When he was eleven, he invented his first new spell. By the time he was twenty-three, he'd mastered every known form of magic.

The magic community expected much from Merlin. He was soon made the Royal Castle Druid and put to work on research and defending the kingdom. However, these tasks lacked the challenge to keep Merlin interested, and it wasn't long before he vanished in search of adventure. That was over a hundred years ago.

No one knows what Merlin did after that, but they say that if you're ever in need, a Druid fitting Merlin's description will come to your aid. They say he hasn't aged a day, and that he's ever the playful prankster that he was in his youth.

Could this truly be the same Merlin of ages past? Join us and uncover the Legend of Merlin in Mabinogi![1]


Between the shock of white hair and the flashy outfit, the young man in front of you exudes confidence.

Merlin is a highly skilled magician, or Druid, of the Aces. Having developed Snap Cast, Spellwalk, and Meteor Strike, his magic is second-to-none. He is also said to be a very skilled craftsman. However, Merlin prefers action rather than spending some time of rest and relaxation.

He is infatuated with Starlet and enjoys spending his time with and being noticed by her, though she is oblivious to Merlin's infatuation. However, Merlin occasionally clashes with Professor J and Treasure Hunter, as Merlin thinks J and Treasure Hunter are an annoyance due to them describing Merlin as childish, impulsive, and a "waste of talent."

Mainstream Story