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Coill Abyss Advanced

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Abyss Advanced

General Info

A room in Coill Abyss Advanced.
  • Unlike most other dungeons, this dungeon consists of three large rooms, each with a switch, and a boss room in a single floor.
    • Room 1 may not contain a switch at all. In most cases, there will not a be a switch and the first room is already filled with monsters.
    • Each room consists of randomized waves, with each room having a predetermined amount of waves ranging from 2 to 5.
    • Because the waves are randomized, it is possible to have an easier set of monsters before encountering stronger monsters or vice versa.
    • It is possible to receive the same wave multiple times in a row.
    • Number of waves in each room does not determine nor influence monster difficulty.
  • Requires a level 11 (Expert) talent in order to enter.
  • This dungeon must be done alone.
  • Monsters in Coill Abyss Advanced are much stronger than their original counterparts, almost equivalent to Shadow Mission/Theatre Mission Hardmode difficulty.
  • Unlike most Uladh dungeons, this dungeon does not contain a Goddess Statue. Instead, the player is given a Red Wing of the Goddess to warp back to the dungeon's lobby.
  • The environment is considered a Shadow Realm and open field, allowing Barrier Spikes and Campfires.
  • Unlike Peaca Abyss, blessings and sanctification are lost when Knocked Unconscious in the dungeon.
  • Coill Abyss allows the player to revive on the spot in the same manner in field areas.
  • After defeating the boss, the reward chest spawns in the center of the boss room.

Drop Item: Abyss Coill Advanced Dungeon Pass
Number of Floors: 1
Visible Floors: None


Spawn Patterns

All rooms will randomly spawn any one of the waves listed below.