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Connous Battle Arena

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  • The Connous Team Arena is located southwest from Filia.
  • It is available for all races.
  • Yoff sells Connous Battle Arena coins in lots of 10, 20, 50 and 100. He is located in the battle arena's foyer.
    • A Connous Battle Arena coin is required to participate in the team battles, however, a Connous Battle Arena is not required if a player wishes to be part of the audience (i.e., entry is free if a player only wants to watch a battle).

Basic Information

  • There are two teams that compete in the Arena: Blue and Red.
  • There is an audience stand at the side, and players can watch the battle from above without participating.


  • Each round lasts 5 minutes.
  • To join a team, click on one of the red or blue torches while a round is not in progress.
  • The first person to join a team will be the leader.
  • When both team's leaders are ready for battle, they must hit the 'Team Ready' button in the Arena's Party Window.
  • 10 seconds are allowed for preparation before the battle. No one may attack at this time. Skills may be used, but they will be auto canceled when the round really starts.
  • Team HP may be set for each team anywhere from 0% to 100%, which can balance disadvantages.
  • A team will have a maximum of 20 players.