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Cow (NPC)

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For pet cows, see Cow (Pet).
For monsters similar to Cows, see Gnu.

Basic Information

  • Cows are animals that can provide Milk. Simply equip an Empty Bottle and click on the Cow to harvest Milk.
    • One cow can fill up seven Empty Bottles before it is dry.
  • The Cow can also be killed by a Wolf if either one walks into aggro range.
  • If an enemy uses an AoE attack (e.g.- Giant Guard with Stomp), the Cow can get hit by it.


[link] [edit]

StyleMonsterIcon.png Cow

Picture of Cow Field Location Dungeon
  • None
Melee Hits 1-3 Melee Damage  ? Ranged Damage
Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
Single None
Skills Used
Hit Points Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Critical Combat Power
Unknown  ? (?)  ?  ? Unknown Unknown
Misc. Equipment
  • None
  • None