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Friendship of the Ocean

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For other Generation 15 missions, see Category:G15 Shadow Missions.

For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 15.
  • Role-play as Antonio.
  • Bassanio will aid you throughout the RP.
    • Bassanio is only equipped with a Fishing Rod, and deal minimal amounts of damage, though he seems to have high enough Health to survive for a while.
    • Be wary of multi aggro with enemies -- they may finish you off before you can do anything if they successively attack.
      • Similarly to Sulfur Spiders, they have devastating Windmill and can finish Antonio within seconds if Antonio is outnumbered.
  • Antonio starts with one AP, twenty HP 50 Potions, thirty Stamina 50 Potions, a Wooden Club and a Round Shield. He has Rank D Defense, Evasion, and Icebolt, Rank C Smash and Counterattack, and Rank A Combat Mastery, Critical Hit, Charge, and Blunt Mastery.
  • All enemies have some level of Heavy Stander.
  • Both Coy Lucy and Dreary Julia have Final Hit and will use them.
    • As well, their Final Hit do not have a cooldown.
    • They will move back every few seconds during their Final Hit. Use this time to take cover where neither Julia nor Lucy can hit you, and wait out their Final Hit.
  • There seems to be a glitch where if the player hits Maurice twice in a row, the second hit will not register, no animation will be played and no damage dealt.
  • Defeating both Maurice and Billy in the second wave will end the RP.
  • The difficulty of the mission is set for you and is based on your total level. See Generation 15 for more information.

Mission Information


Spawn Pattern

Pirate Crewman x4 + Coy Lucy + Dreary JuliaPirate Crewman + Low-Rank Maurice + Traitor Billy


Basic N/A