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Iria Treasure Hunt Event (Feb. 2009)

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February 25th, 2009 ~ March 19th, 2009


So, you're wondering about these new L-rods, huh? Can't quite figure them out? Worry not! You'll soon be a pro at handling the L-rods by participating in the Iria Treasure Hunt Event. Equip your L-Rod and listen for the four tones that indicate hidden items.

Once you're certain of the location of the hidden item, activate your L-Rod to reveal the treasure nearby!

Pop that sucker open and collect your prize![1]


  • Explore Rano and Connous with an L-Rod to discover exploration chests.
  • Rano contains both event chests and normal chests. The event varieties may have different prizes than the normal chests.
    • Event chests will not have a chance to trigger monsters, unlike the normal chests.
  • Connous contains only event chests.
  • Event chests do not provide any Exploration EXP when discovered.





Clothing / Armor






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  • Book of Ice Spear - Chapter 3
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