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Medium-sized Bag

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Inventory icon of Medium-sized Bag

2 × 3

A bag made of cloth for storing items; it is 5 by 6 offering a total of 30 slots. Right-click to open it.
The bag cannot be traded through the Trade window.
Only available for Inventory Plus Kit users.


Despite the description, it no longer requires premium service to use.
Can only be accessed from a player's inventory.
Only when empty can it be stored in a bank or dropped.
Cannot be stored on pets or traded.
Cannot be used to set up a personal shop.
Can be bought an unlimited amount of times, but a maximum of only 9 bags can be placed in a player's basic inventory.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Shops

Who Where Cost
Trade Assistant Imp Tir Chonaill 1,000,000 Ducats
Emain Macha
Port Cobh
Belvast Island