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Metallurgy Sites

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Mana Tunnels that have access to metallurgy sites


Most Metallurgy Sites are found throughout the southern portion of Iria scattered usually on a beach facing the Moyer Ocean.
Unlike a majority of the metallurgy sites, Erkey Falls is located inland. Cor Beach is northern most location. Some areas can be accessed by using a flying mount or through the use of Couples Flight except for Erkey Falls.
While Iria hosts the most of the metallurgy sites, the player can come across a handful elsewhere. On the island of Belvast lies the poisonous mires of the Decaying Swamp. The southern end of Scuabtuinne is the metallurgy site of Sandy Shore.
There is also a Homestead Metallurgy Site, which users can place into their homestead and gather from. The node provides a total of five gathering attempts, and respawns every day at 12:00AM PST.

Rano Metallurgy Site

Qilla Beach

Qilla Beach

The site lies along the eastern shore.

South Muyu Desert

Rano Beach

The site spans the entire south beach of Muyu Desert.

Southwest Karu Forest

  • Karu Forest, Rano Beach Metallurgy Site Mana Tunnel

The beach can be accessed by meandering through the gully, south of the Snake Mark, then continue heading southwest.

Connous Metallurgy Site


Connous Beach
  • Longa Desert, Connous Beach Metallurgy Site Mana Tunnel

Coming from Filia, go east while following the canyon walls heading south. Another way is going to the Mana Tunnel then go around the cliff and head south.

Port Connous

Port Connous
  • Longa Desert, South Region Mana Tunnel
  • Longa Desert, Fish Mark Mana Tunnel

Coming from either of those Mana Tunnels, head towards to port at the south.

Courcle Metallurgy Site

Erkey Falls

Erkey Falls
  • Alternatively, it can be reached by steering the raft into the flow of the waterfall. "Over the River and Through the Wood", in other words.

Upon arriving, stay on the same side of the riverbank and keep heading south. Pass the stepping stones, it is the pool of water. Unlike the other metallurgy sites, this is the only one found in freshwater.

Cor Village and Cor Beach

Cor Beach

  • Cor Village Mana Tunnel

Coming from Cor Village, head north as the terrain slowly descends into the beach.

Tory Ravine

Decaying Swamp


Sandy Shore