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Erkey Falls

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Erkey Falls

The Erkey Falls, also known as the Iria Falls or Irai Falls, is a location in Courcle. This area is rich in Metallurgy deposits, and it is the only area that is a "river" location for Metallurgy. It is also where Generation 7 begins.

The only ways to reach this area is to Raft down the waterfall. In order to reach this place, players must purposefully go on the southern path of the river then purposely steer left away from the rafting dock at Lappa Village. As the raft reaches the waterfall, a cutscene plays where the raft goes off the waterfall and breaks, and players find themselves on the shore close to the waterfall.

It is possible to fly over this area, however players cannot land into the Erkey Falls. Additionally, players within the Falls cannot fly.

There is a collapsed Mana Tunnel here that can be used to leave Erkey Falls, but you cannot return to that Mana Tunnel. Other than Continent Warp, this is the only way to leave the area. If you do not have any Mana Tunnels on your Mana Tunnel map, you must Continent Warp or sit on someone's Mount in order to leave.

Sometimes, a Giant Alligator will spawn.

The Irai Ruins

Three ancient shrines appear here, each with an altar in front of it. The shrines consist of the Lightning, Sun, and Snow. Placing the respective Ancient Fragment on the altars unlocks the hidden mysteries of Iria, beginning Generation 7.

Mainstream Story


  • The three ancient shrines in the Irai Ruins coincide with the magic elements; sun as fire, snow as ice, and lightning as itself.