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Rabbie Battle Arena

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For other difficulties of this dungeon, see Rabbie Dungeon.
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For other Player-vs-Player content, see PvP.
Rabbie Battle Arena.
Dungeon Information
Drop Item Arena Coin - Black.png
Floor Number 1
Visible Floors 1
Hallway Chests No
Party Count 1~8
Participation Timer (seconds) 0 Seconds
Dungeon Guide No
Dungeon Vouchers No
Fountains No
Tiro No
Herb Patches No
Ore Veins No
Other Gathering Nodes No


  • Rabbie Battle Arena is a Dungeon where players can fight against each other in a Survival Deathmatch (Teams).
    • In other words, it is a dedicated place for PvP between players.
    • Teams are Paladin versus Dark Knight; Falcons and Beasts are unable to compete.
      • There is unlimited transformation time within the Lobby and Deathmatch Room for these four Transformations.

Battle Arena Features

Battle Arena Coins

  • Rabbie Battle Arena Coins are used as the Dungeon Pass and as the currency to enter into the Deathmatch.
    • It costs at least a single Rabbie Battle Arena Coin to enter the Dungeon.
      • Warning: dropping a stack of Coins will consume the entire stack.
      • Warning: changing Channels at any time will force you outside of the Lobby, requiring you to drop one coin to reenter.
      • Because one cannot be mounted in the Arena, you cannot drop the Coin while mounted on a Pet.
    • It costs five Rabbie Battle Arena Coins to enter each 5-Minute Deathmatch.
  • Rabbie Battle Arena Coins can be purchased from Eavan for 20 Gold each and from Pero for 24 Gold each.

Deathmatch Entrance

  • To enter the Deathmatch, click on the Crossed Sword Altar behind Pero. Paying five Coins will allow entry into the Deathmatch.
    • Paladins and Dark Knights must transform before they are allowed to enter. See more below.
    • The Deathmatch will last for 5-Minutes, with the remaining time displayed at the top of the screen.
      • The Deathmatch starts and ends at the same time for all players.
      • If someone enters after a battle has already begun, the timer will not reset.
    • Everyone must pay for their own entry.

Deathmatch Score

  • Upon entering the Deathmatch, a single Star will appear above the player's head.
    • Any player can take one Star from another player by killing them.
      • Players without Stars will not reward Stars on death.
    • If a player has no Stars at the end of any 5-Minute Deathmatch then they will be ejected into the Arena's Lobby.
      • Players with stars can willingly choose to leave the battle arena and will not be forcefully ejected.

Deathmatch Rules

  • Players do not lose EXP when killed in the Deathmatch, even when killed by Monsters.
  • Players cannot earn Skill Training or acquire Titles.
  • Durability is lost.
  • Players, Pets, and Partners will be healed by a percent of their HP, SP, and MP values if they survive an entire Deathmatch and possess a Star.
    • The percent heal starts at 100% of the values at one Star, and is reduced for subsequent Stars.
    • If a player has negative values from Deadly status, healing received will be effectively less.
  • Pets and Partners are allowed.
    • Mounting Pets is not allowed, however.
      • Unification with a Sprite Pet is abnormally allowed.
    • Mounting Partners is not allowed, but the Mount will still spawn in.
  • Parties are allowed.

Transformation Rules

  • Paladins and Dark Knights must transform before they are allowed to enter.
    • It is possible to enter the arena without staying in transformation by transforming, clicking the statue, cancel transformation, and accept the entrance request.
    • It is not possible to cancel transformation while inside the arena.
  • Transformations have no cooldown or other restrictions while within the Lobby and Deathmatch Room.
    • If the player leaves the battle arena while transformed, it will use up the transformation for that in-game day.
      • The player's transformation may also cancel within 10 seconds upon leaving the arena, should they have already transformed prior to entering the arena.

Monster Rules

  • Various monsters spawn inside of Rabbie Battle Arena. They are aligned with Paladins and will attack any Dark Knight or regular Human.
    • 2 Imps and 2 White Wolves spawn on the outer regions of the Arena across from 2 Imps and 2 White Bears.
      • If defeated, these mobs respawn every 3? minutes.
    • 3 Mimics and 3 Wisps spawn across from each other; they surround the middle region of the Arena.
      • If defeated, these mobs respawn every 10? minutes.
    • 2 Flying Swords and 3 Lost Sahuagins spawn in the center of the Arena.
      • If defeated, these mobs respawn every 30??? minutes.
      • Sometimes, Lost Sahuagin immediately explode???
  • Paladins can draw monster Aggro, but they will not attack. They can also not naturally attack the monsters themselves.
    • Dark Knights can bring the monsters under their control via Control of Darkness and have them attack the Paladins.
  • All monsters are counted as field monsters; they can yield EXP, can get "the Ancient" Title, and will count towards increasing the Camping Penalty.
  • Being defeated by a monster yields the same penalty as being beaten by another player while in the arena; the monsters will even gain stars and can lose them upon being defeated.


All Unique Monsters

Regular Monsters


Bosses Boss Summons Boss Drops
1 Player
  • None

Treasure Chests

Bonus Chest Rewards
No Bonus Chest Rewards


  • Gold: 0 ~ 0 Gold in 0 Stacks
Type Item
No General Chest Rewards
Type Item
No Material Rewards


  • Falcons and Beasts can still enter the Lobby, and thus are able to transform in the Lobby without any restrictions.