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Recovery Potion Bag

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Inventory icon of Recovery Potion Bag

2 × 2

A bag that can only store recovery potions. It is 7 by 4, offering a total of 28 slots. Right-click to open it. The bag cannot be traded through the Trade window. It can only be used by those who use the Inventory Plus Kit.

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General Information

Holds potions that recover HP, MP, and/or Stamina.


Despite the description, it no longer requires premium service to use.
Can only be accessed from a player's inventory.
Cannot be stored on pets or traded.
Can be traded through the bank tab if it is unequipped.
In order to use potions inside the bag with hotkeys, "enable hot-keys" must be ticked in the options menu.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Shops

Who Where Cost
Trade Assistant Imp Tir Chonaill 130,000 Ducats
Emain Macha
Port Cobh
Belvast Island