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Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 2

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Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 2
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A book filled with interviews on how some of the citizens of Erinn get the most out of their resting time. Reading it will help you reach Rank 2 in rest.

Obtain From Purchased from Manus's Secret Shop (35,000 Gold)
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Tradability Untradable
Effects Used in Rank 3 Rest Training
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Rest Time is the Best Time - Part2 -

Author Unknown

Rest is something everyone does, but of course, we don't all do it the same way.

There are as many ways to relax as there are people, and what might bring stress one person could be another's ideal way to unwind!

In this series of brief interviews, we're surveying many citizens of Erinn to see how they get the most out of their down time.

Without further ado, let's jump right in, shall we?

Q: How do you usually spend your down time? What does 'rest' look like, for you?

A: Well, I-I'm on a mission, so...I'm afraid I can't say much more than that. T-there IS someone I truly admire, though! I kept a diary back when I used to travel with him. N-not that I do anymore, though. Sometimes I think about what I wrote back then, and all my precious memories from that time. I, uh...Maybe I've said too much. Anyway, remembering good times makes for good rest.(???/Mr.A)

A: I usually run maintenance. Sometimes, people come and give me gifts while I'm working. It wouldn't be polite to decline, and it'd look bad if I treated them carelessly, so... Well, that all serves to explain the big pile in the storage closet. When I have some time without much else to do, sometimes I try to go in there and organize them.(Emain Macha/Mr. A)

A: I use times like that to catch up with friends I'm not always able to get together with regularly. Of course, I let them have a taste of my special drink, for advertisement purposes, too. I'm planning to visit my brother in the Royal Castle the next time my schedule permits. It would be really helpful if my brother could advertise my special drink to everyone in the castle, you know!(Tara/Ms. L)

A: Heehee. Recently, I've taken an interesting in an exercise regimen that's supposed to help me get limber. 'Yoga,', they call it. I'm workign the kinks out of my back, and getting my shoulders straight from years of bad posture! And heck, my skin's looking better too, thanks to the improved circulation. Men put in a lot of effort tending to their well-being, and this time, it certainly shows.(Taillteann/Mr. P)

A: Sometimes I play with Mr. Necromancer, but that can get boring. But when the queen falls asleep...that's when the REAL opportunity comes! That's when I can escape from the dungeon without anyone and play around as much as I want, without anyone being the wiser. Of course, the queen would be furious if she found out, so I do have to exercise some discretion! Phew...But, you know, if the queen came on a stroll with us from time to time, that would be so much fun!(Rabbie Dungeon/Ms. BS)

A: Haha, finding the stuff *** hid at the lodge, of course! That guy always pretends like he doesn't care, but the truth is he's really invested in this whole hide-and-find thing. On the other hand, hiding something myself to surprise someone can be pretty fun, too! Especially when it's the captain who discovers it!(???/Mr. D)

A: Upkeep on my hairstyle takes a ri-DIC-ulous amount of time. It leaves me with less time to get everything else done. I use the doppelganger skill every now and then, and when all else fails, I grab my cousin's...Er, anyway, IF I ever get the luxury of some honest-to-goodness downtime, the first thing I wanna do is change to an easier-to-maintain hairstyle!(Dunbarton/Mr. C,I)

A: *huff* *puff* You're asking me? Well, here's how it goes. I sit down, and I take a big, long sip from a glass of ice cold water. Heh heh... Then, I imagine the perfect look for this stone statue. *sigh* Those part-timers sure do have a lot on their plates, huh?(Gairech/Mr. S)

A: I usually spend that time looking after Petrock. You know, if his wings are hurt or if he's really worn himself out delivering all those quests. If he's very tired, I'll sit him on my lap, gently stroke him, and tell him stories of the past. Sometimes I'll go on for a bit longer than I realized, and Petrock's quest delivery will be a bit late. Heehee. Just watching Petrock fly off into the distance, delivering news and good tidings to everyone, never fails to put a smile on my face.(???/Ms. N)