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Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid

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For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid.

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G7 Title.png
Normal Quest Icon.png
  • To start Generation 7, you must have completed Generation 3.
  • You may skip G7 by talking to Kousai. Other than missed EXP, there is no penalty for skipping.
  • Some of the quests may not start if there is any Exploration Quest active. Complete or forfeit any exploration quests first to prevent delays.

Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid is the start of Chapter 2. It introduces another region of Iria known as Courcle, revealing most of Iria's past, as well as an artifact known as the Heart of Courcle. Additionally, something amiss stirs within the Elves.

Changes in Generation 7 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Ancient Secrets of Irinid

Lost Memory of the Ancients

Kousai's Lipai Tea.png
Name Lost Memory of the Ancients NPC Kousai

I see a memory of the dark shadow suppressing your consciousness. Please remember that shadow cannot exist without light. The answer that you're seeking may be closer than you think. -Kousai

Generation 07 - Courcle's Heart.png

  1. In Cor Village, talk to Kousai
  2. Use Kousai's Lipai Tea
    • Note: Due to a bug, the cutscene may fail to start. You won't be able to proceed until you view the cutscene. Speak to Kousai to receive the tea again. Relog or change channels before using the tea.
  • Complete the quest.

Ruwai's Exploration Journal


Rainbow Trout.png
Name Ruwai's Exploration Journal NPC Tupai
  • Howl* Awwww! This is urgent. It's very urgent. Tupai want to see you. Please come quickly.

  1. Speak to Tupai
  2. Give Ruwai Rainbow Trout longer than 99cm
    • Rainbow Trout can be fished in Emain Macha or Belvast Island.
    • You are to gift it to him by grabbing the Rainbow Trout from inventory and dropping it on Ruwai.
    • This quest can be started and completed even when an Exploration Quest is active.
  3. Clear a Ruwai RP Mission
    • Drop Ruwai's Exploration Journal into Longa Desert Ruins and complete the RP dungeon.
      • You will role play as Ruwai, an otter, who is Level 49.
      • The RP dungeon is about half the length of Longa Desert Ruins Normal with a reduced spawn count. Aside from a few typical Longa Normal monsters, most are Desert Ghost Fanatics. The boss room consists of 6 Desert Ghost Fanatic Priest.
        • Tip: Use 3 normal attacks followed by a Smash to ensure a kill on a majority of the monsters.
      • If you lose Ruwai's Exploration Journal in any way, or need to redo the dungeon, you may talk to Ruwai to receive another one.
      • After finishing the RP dungeon, you will get the keyword Heart of Courcle.
  • Complete the quest.

Curious Voight

Voight.png Name Curious Voight NPC Voight
All Filia NPCs - Elf (Alliance)

I assume that you've heard about the Heart of Courcle at least once. Well, I've discovered an interesting clue about it. - Voight

  • If you are an Elf, or a Human is currently allied with Elves, you are required to talk to all the Elven Residents of Filia, excluding Portia. Otherwise, you will only have to talk to Voight.
  • If this quest is not received or started, make sure any Exploration Quest is not active.

  1. Speak to Voight
  • Complete the quest.

  1. Speak to Voight
  2. Speak to Hagel
  3. Speak to Lepus
  4. Speak to Granites
  5. Speak to Meles
  6. Speak to Atrata
  7. Speak to Castanea
  8. Speak to Voight
  • Complete the quest.

Taunes's Request

Ice Crystal of Memory.png
Broken Mirror of Memory.png Mirror of Memory.png
Name Taunes's Request NPC Taunes, Voight

I've heard that someone has succesfully awoken the souls of the ancients in the Irai Ruins. I need your help. - Taunes


  1. Speak to Taunes
    • You will receive the Ice Crystal of Memory.
    • Drop the Ice Crystal of Memory onto Par Ruins to enter Par Ruins Mirror of Memory
      • The dungeon is similar to Par Ruins Snow Crystal. It is one floor. The boss room contains Wendigo.
      • Wendigo must be defeated with an Ice Pole or a Small Ice Pillar in order to trigger the Mirror Witch spawn.
        • To obtain an Ice Pole, the Wendigo must use Stomp. Ice Pole and Small Ice Pillar will drop to the ground.
        • The final blow must be dealt by a player with an Ice Pole or a Small Ice Pillar. Setting the party finish rule to "Anyone" will not suffice.
      • Mirror Witch must be defeated or tamed to obtain the Broken Mirror of Memory.
        • Any party members on this quest will also receive the Broken Mirror of Memory.
      • Upon defeating the Mirror Witch, you'll watch a cutscene and exit the dungeon.
      • If you lose Ice Crystal of Memory in any way, or need to redo the dungeon, you may talk to Taunes to receive another one.
        • Tip: If you have not obtained the Hail Storm skill. You may obtain a second Ice Crystal of Memory by dropping your first one on the ground, speaking to Taunes to get the second one, then picking up the first one again. When you later do the Ice Travel quest for Hail Storm, you can use the Ice Crystal of Memory to encounter a Mirror Witch. Also Ice Crystal of Memory is a tradable item.
  2. Deliver Mirror of Memory to Taunes
  3. Have Voight in Cor restore the Mirror of Memory
    • Speak to Voight and have him repair the mirror similar to how you would restore an artifact.
  • Complete the quest.

Atrata's Wind Bell

Wind Bell.png Tikka Sap Potion.png Name Atrata's Wind Bell NPC Atrata

Would you deliver the Mirror of Memory to Atrata as soon as you can once it's been restored? If the legend of Par is true, then I'll be able to stay with her, at least in her memory. - Taunes

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 2.png

  1. Deliver Mirror of Memory to Atrata
  2. Drop Wind Bell into Longa Desert Ruins and complete the RP dungeon.
    • You will role play as Atrata.
    • This dungeon is one floor long and designed such that every room is a switch room. All combat can be avoided.
    • Do not consume the Tikka Sap Potion. A failure cinematic is played at the end of the dungeon if you do.
    • If you lose all HP, the Tikka Sap Potion will break and you will fail the dungeon.
    • Your objective is to reach the boss room without being attacked. You'll achieve this by using Hide to avoid confrontation with enemies.
      • Tip: Slot Hide into your action bar. Hide can be activated and deactivated instantly without a cooldown unless you get attacked. Hit all switches in a room by moving between them clockwise or counter-clockwise. Activate hide when moving between switches if enemies are spawned. Use MP 30 potions when you become low on mana.
    • Upon entering the boss room, you'll watch a cutscene and exit the dungeon.
    • If you lose Wind Bell in any way, or need to redo the dungeon, you may talk to Atrata to receive another one.
  3. Complete the quest.
  • Relog or change channels to receive the next quest.

Atrata's Message

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 4.png
Name Atrata's Message NPC Atrata

Now I know that I was just afraid. Could you give my memory back? - Atrata

Generation 07 - Atrata's Memory 5.png

  • If you do not immediately receive the quest, change channels in order to get it.
  1. Speak to Atrata.
  • Complete the quest.

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