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Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid

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For explanation and advice for Generations, see Mainstream Quests.
For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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G7 Title.png
Normal Quest Icon.png
  • To start Generation 7, you must have completed Generation 3.
  • You may skip G7 by talking to Kousai. Other than missed EXP, there is no penalty for skipping.

Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid is the actual start of Chapter 2. It introduces another region of Iria known as Courcle, revealing most of Iria's past, as well as an artifact known as the Heart of Courcle. Additionally, something amiss stirs within the Elves.

NPCs involved in Ancient Secrets of Irinid

Ancient Fragments of the Altars

Excavated Artifact (2x2).png Courcle Terra Cotta Slab Piece Unrestored.png
Ancient Patterns Restored.png
Name N/A NPC Voight

Generation 7 has a rather different method for starting the Generation Quest Chain. A player must obtain Suntouched, Frostbitten, and the Stormcharged Pieces in order to begin the Generation. They are to be gifted to the Altars (by dragging and dropping) found in the Erkey Falls. To get to the Falls, you are to go to the La Terra Highlands and request a Raft. See below be for more information.


  1. Using Exploration with L-Rods in the Marshes of Pantay Swamp, find 2x2 Excavated Artifacts and take them to Voight or use the skill Artifact Investigation to appraise and restore them.
    • For locations of all possible chest locations in Pantay Swamp, see here.
  2. Have Voight appraise the Excavated Artifacts and restore them or use Artifact Investigation. The artifacts you must obtain from the 2x2 Excavated Artifacts are:
    • Suntouched Pieces: Suntouched Pieces.png
    • Frostbitten Pieces: Frostbitten Pieces.png
    • Stormcharged Pieces: Stormcharged Pieces.png
    • There is a low chance that you will get one or more of the artifacts above. Most of the time you will get other artifacts, which can be turned in for Exploration EXP. However, you cannot know what artifact comes out until they are restored after appraisal.
      • Since these artifacts are tradable, you may be able to obtain them from other players or the Auction House.
  3. Once an Ancient Fragment is found, take it with you and use Rafting to get below Erkey Falls.
    • Steer the raft to the right at the turning point, in order to get down the falls.
  4. You will notice three Altars around you. "Give" the artifacts on the matching Altars and you will get a cutscene for each temple. After all the cutscenes, you will get a keyword Jungle Ruins.
    • You must match the artifacts to the correct altars in order for this to work.
    • To save time, it may be best to have all three artifacts before proceeding down the waterfall.
  5. Relog or change channels to receive a new quest and a cutscene.

Lost Memory of the Ancients

Kousai's Lipai Tea.png Name Lost Memory of the Ancients NPC Kousai

This is the first formal quest for Generation 7.


  1. In Cor Village, talk to Kousai.
  2. Complete the quest to receive Kousai's Lipai Tea.
  3. Use the tea to view a cutscene.

Ruwai's Exploration Journal

Rainbow Trout.png G1 3.png Name Ruwai's Exploration Journal NPC Tupai

You are to fish up or find a Rainbow Trout that is at least 99.00cm. You will then Role-Play as Ruwai.


  1. Talk to Tupai.
  2. Talk to Ruwai, then give him a 99.00+ cm Rainbow Trout to receive Ruwai's Exploration Journal.
    • You are to gift it to him by taking the Rainbow Trout and dropping it on Ruwai.
  3. Drop Ruwai's Exploration Journal into Longa Desert Ruins and complete the RP quest.
    • You will role play as Ruwai, an otter, who is Level 49.
    • The RP dungeon is about half the length of Longa Desert Ruins Normal with a reduced spawn count.
    • If you lose the Exploration Journal in any way, or need to redo the dungeon, you may talk to Ruwai to receive another one.
    • The boss room consists of 6 Desert Ghost Fanatic Priest.
    • Tip: Use 3 normal attacks followed by a Smash to ensure a kill on a majority of the monsters.
  4. After finishing the RP dungeon, you will get the Heart of Courcle Keyword.
  5. Relog and wait for next quest. It may take up to an in-game day to receive it.

Curious Voight

Voight.png Name Curious Voight NPC Voight
All Filia NPCs - Elf (Alliance)

If you are an Elf, or a Human is currently allied with Elves, you are required to talk to all the Elven Residents of Filia, excluding Portia. Otherwise, you will only have to talk to Voight.


  1. Go to Cor and talk to Voight.
  2. Complete the quest and wait for the next one.

  1. Go to Cor and talk to Voight.
  2. Talk to Hagel.
  3. Talk to Lepus.
  4. Talk to Granites.
  5. Talk to Meles.
  6. Talk to Atrata.
  7. Talk to Castanea.
  8. Talk to Voight again.
  9. Complete the quest and wait for the next one.
    • Sometimes, you may need to also talk to Voight using the Heart of Courcle keyword to nudge the quest along.

Taunes's Request

Ice Crystal of Memory.png
Broken Mirror of Memory.png Mirror of Memory.png
Name Taunes's Request NPC Taunes, Voight

You will be running a similar version of Par Snow Crystal Dungeon. The boss is a Wendigo, but the requirement is to defeat the Mirror Witch. To draw her out at the boss room, you will need a Giant in the party to finish Wendigo with an Ice Pole. To get an Ice Pole, have the Wendigo use Stomp. See below for more details.


  1. Go to Vales, and talk to Taunes to receive the Ice Crystal of Memory.
  2. Drop the item in the Par Ruins Dungeon and encounter the Mirror Witch.
    • The dungeon is only two floors long.
    • In the boss room, the Wendigo will be waiting for you.
      • Wendigo must be defeated with an Ice Pole in order to trigger the Mirror Witch spawn.
        • To obtain an Ice Pole, the Wendigo must use Stomp.
      • The final blow must be dealt by the Giant with the Ice Pole. Setting the finish rule to "Anyone" will not suffice.
  3. Upon defeating the Mirror Witch, you will receive the Broken Mirror of Memory and will be forcibly kicked from the dungeon.
    • Anyone on this quest will also receive the Broken Mirror of Memory.
    • If the Mirror Witch is tamed, it will still count for the quest.
  4. Return to Vales and speak to Taunes with the Broken Mirror of Memory.
  5. Return to Voight and restore the Broken Mirror of Memory to receive the Mirror of Memory and complete the quest.

Atrata's Wind Bell

Wind Bell.png Tikka Sap Potion.png Name Atrata's Wind Bell NPC Atrata

You will be given an extremely potent Potion call the Tikka Sap Potion. Drinking this potion will fail the Role Play sequence. Make sure you make use of Hide to escape danger. You are also incapable of doing damage. Engaging the enemies in combat is highly discouraged.


  1. Deliver Mirror of Memory to Atrata and receive a Wind Bell.
  2. Drop Wind Bell into the Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon and complete the Role Play.
    • If you need to redo the dungeon, you can talk to Atrata to receive another Wind Bell.
    • This dungeon is a mix of every one of the Longa Dungeons and is one floor long.
    • Atrata has the following skills: Rank 4 First Aid, Rank 6 Potion Making, Rank Novice Combat Mastery, Rank 3 Healing and Party Healing.
    • Atrata's inventory consists of a Wind Bell, 10 MP 30 Potions, 10 Bandages, and a Tikka Sap Potion.
      • The Tikka Sap Potion will increase your HP, MP, and Stamina regeneration rates to 50000% and you will recover 50 wound per second for 1 minute.
      • Do not consume the Tikka Sap Potion. A failure cinematic is played at the end of the dungeon if you do.
    • Atrata cannot deal damage and and all rooms are orb-based. It is best to hit a switch and use Hide right after. You may continue to do this as many times as necessary to avoid getting detected and attacked.
    • After entering the boss room, you will see a cutscene.
  3. Relog or change channels and wait about 2 in-game hours for the next quest.

Atrata's Message

Atrata.png Name Atrata's Message NPC Atrata

  1. Speak to Atrata.
  2. Complete the quest to receive the keyword The Oblivious Elves and end Generation 7.
    • There is no achievement or Journal Entry for completing Generation 7.

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