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Heart of Courcle

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Basic Information

The Heart of Courcle was a Falias artifact that was brought down to Erinn. Neamhain, under the guise of Irinid, used it to create Iria and all its inhabitants, including the Elves and Giants. However, the Heart of Courcle was the epicenter of the two race's greed, and war sprung between the two factions. Neamhain cursed the two races, then disappeared along with the artifact.

According to Kousai, the Heart of Courcle is the mirror of the Iria Continent, reflecting the memory of the past, present and future. It was originally located where the mysterious ruins found in Courcle were until it suddenly vanished from Courcle.

In Generation 7, Ruwai discovered the Heart of Courcle within the depths of Longa Desert Ruins. However, Castanea appears and tells Ruwai to forget about what he found, seemingly seizing the artifact from him.

In Generation 9, the Fomorians somehow acquire the Heart of Courcle, which is soon recovered by the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force.

In Generation 10, Mata explains that the Fomors had difficulty seizing the Heart of Courcle as it was vested into the light.
Later, the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force try to defend the Heart of Courcle from an onslaught of Fomorians. Eliminating all the enemies, Neamhain, disguised as an Elf, appears and reveals her true form; she says that the gods should never have brought down the Heart of Courcle into Erinn and disappears with it. Cichol, however, shortly arrives and mocks the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force, claiming that the artifact is in the hands of the Fomor and Neamhain was never on their side.
Soon, Neamhain merges the Heart of Courcle and the Caliburn-infused Cai as an attempt to bring forth paradise within Tir Na Nog. However, Cichol arrives and seizes the fused artifacts to destroy the Soul Stream. This, however, is thwarted, and the artifacts mysteriously vanish.

In Generation 11, Cichol appeals to the Milletian and informs them that the Heart of Courcle and the Caliburn threatens to destroy Tir Na Nog.