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For the beach, see Scathach Beach.
For the cave, see Scathach Caverns.


A beautiful lady stands alone in the wreckage. Though the sun filtering through the rocks cast her in a warm light, a chill runs through your bones as you approach. What is this cold ire in her eyes...?

Scathach is a mysterious figure located at the Scathach Caverns. By night, she is an innocent woman, and by day, she becomes an evil cold witch.

According to Admiral Owen, the witch turns people into Sahagins, although Milletians seem immune to it.


Scathach was once a pirate captain. One day, she accosted on the shores of Manannan's land. The god fell in love with her, but she refused him, and told him she would never fall in love with anyone. By breaking this oath by falling in love with Owen, the deity became furious and cursed her to the state she is in.

She deeply resents the deity for having cursed her this way.

Mainstream Story




Track  Title
Love and Cruel Fate
Speaking to Scathach (Nighttime)
Hidden Petals of Poison
Speaking to Scathach (Daytime)


  • In the Irish Mythology, Scáthach was a legendary Scottish warrior and a martial arts teacher.
  • Scáthach means shady or shadowy (scáth + ach; shadow + having).
  • In the original story of Macbeth, there were three witches, not one. Additionally, none were named.
    • Promotional artwork for G16 shows both versions of Scathach along with Bella, implying together they form the Three Witches from Macbeth.