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Silver Echostone

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Inventory icon of Silver Echostone

2 × 2

A beautiful silver gem that glitters like a star. It's a piece of the Ancient Music Box, resonating with a musical spell that stores power. It was discovered and developed by the Bard Enn while she was researching forbidden aural magic. This particular gem usually contains power related to Will, and it can also increase the effects of other Echostones. If it is used to activate the Ancient Music Box, heretofore hidden powers may be revealed. (Can be equipped in exclusive slots to reap its benefits. Equipping this Echostone in a slot or enhancing it will make it an exclusive item.)

Methods to Obtain

  • Completing the Memento Sidequests.
  • Dungeons rewards after completing Sidhe Finnachaid.

Used In

Possible Awakenings

Awakening Name Effect Description Level Cap at Grade 30
Armor of Connous
Armor of Connous Protection Increases Protection by 0.25 seconds per Level 20
Explosive Kunai
Explosive Kunai Quantity Increases Amount of Explosive Kunai placed by 1 per Level 3(?)
Fury of Light
Fury of Light Damage Increases Base Damage by 3 per Level 20
Giant Full Swing
Spell of Physis Intelligence Increases Attack Range with Two-handed Blunt Weapons and Two-handed Axes by 10 per Level 20
Kunai Storm
Kunai Storm Attack Range Increases Attack Radius by 10 per Level 20
Kunai Storm Damage Increases Damage by 1% per Level 20
Shadow Bind
Shadow Bind Duration Increases the duration of Shadow Bind by 0.5 seconds(?) per Level 20(?)
Shuriken Charge
Shuriken Charge Splash Range Increases Splash Radius by 2 per Level 20
Shuriken Mastery
Shuriken Mastery Min Damage Increases Minimum Damage by 2 per Level 20
Shuriken Mastery Max Damage Increases Maximum Damage by 3 per Level 20
Smokescreen Smoke Range Increases Attack Range(?) by 10 per Level 20
Spear of Light
Spear of Light Explosion Range Increases Explosion Radius by 4 per Level 20
Spear of Light Range Increases Attack Range by 25 per Level 20
Spell of Physis
Spell of Physis Intelligence Increases Intelligence by 2.5 per Level 20
Will Increases Will by 1.5 per Level 3(?)
Wings of Rage
Wings of Rage Range Increases Attack Range by 100 at Level 1
Increases Attack Range by 50 for every additional Level