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Snowball Fight Event (2014)

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December 22th, 2014 - January 14th, 2015
This event is part of the Winternogi Events.
For similar previous events, see Snowball Fight Event (2012).


Winter can be such a drag sometimes, what with its chilly winds and huge snowstorms. Let's take advantage of these crazy blizzards with a good ole fashioned snowball fight!

Event Details:

  • Head to Dunbarton, grab some friends and talk to Holiday Joe for some team-based snowball action.
  • Two teams of eight will face off as they attempt to destroy their opponents' snowman.
  • Emerge victorious and you'll receive 1 Holiday Joe Gift Piece, and will receive another every time you win.
  • Players who complete the Daily Quest will also obtain 1 Box Piece and a +5 AP Potion.
  • Once you obtain 5 pieces you'll receive a complete Prize Box!
  • The Prize Box contains many awesome rewards, including the brand new Reindeer Robe!

Prize Box Reward List:

  • Reindeer Robe (New!)
  • Ice Crown (M)
  • Ice Crown (F)
  • Ogre Crown (M)
  • Solar Crown (M)
  • Pumpkin Crown (M)
  • Bat Crown (M)
  • Ogre Crown (F)
  • Solar Crown (F)
  • Pumpkin Crown (F)
  • Bat Crown (F)
  • Smile Knuckle
  • Christmas Homestead Arch
  • Christmas Homestead Tinkles
  • Christmas Homestead Candle
  • Christmas Homestead Panel
  • Various Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
  • Cold Enchant
  • Shooting Star Enchant
  • Holy Enchant
  • Angel Enchant
  • Frozen Fairy Enchant
  • Slit Enchant
  • Heart Eyepatch
  • Heart Eyepatch (Elf)
  • Speed 30 (10 min)
  • Speed 30% (5 min)
  • B-Bomb (Event)
  • Party Phoenix Feather (Event)
  • High Speed Gathering Potion (Event)
  • Tendering Potion (Event)
  • Life Skill Training Potion (Event)
  • Combat Training Potion (Event)
  • Christmas Homestead Seed
  • Various HP Potion SE
  • Various MP Potion SE
  • Various Stamina Potion SE
  • Various Wound Remedy Potion SE
  • Christmas Campfire[1]


  • Talking to Holiday Joe who is located at the Unicorn Statue of Dunbarton will put you on a waiting list to enter the event. After a little while, you will enter an empty version of Southern Sidhe Sneachta, where you will RP as yourself.
    • You will be removed from the waiting list if you enter a building or another map.
    • You will be unable to enter if you have previously joined the event.
    • You will be unable to enter the event if someone assigned to the same instance is performing Commerce as the event begins.
    • In this role-play quest, you will retain only your equipment, excluding weapons and robes, and your stats will be significantly lowered. You will have neither your title nor your guild name, and anything that may have been in your inventory prior to entrance will be unavailable to you. You will be wearing a Waterproof Snowball Robe in your team's color and be equipped with two pairs of Snowball Gloves and 30 Snowballs.
      • All equipment is replaced with a stock version for the duration of the role-play quest. In addition, your Defense and Protection are locked to the base role-play values and remain unaffected by equipment during the role-play quest.
    • Your skills will be replaced with Rank 1 Defense, Evasion, and Ranged Attack, Rank 9 Campfire and First Aid, and Rank F Combat Mastery and Critical Hit.
  • The event lasts 20 minutes. The goal is to do more damage to the opposing team's snowman or to destroy it by the end of the 20 minutes.
    • The top right corner shows how much time is left, as well as how much HP (in percentage) the snowmen have left.
    • The timer claims the snowmen are invincible for the first five minutes, however, this is not true.
  • There is a Trade Assistant Imp in the glowing circle behind each team's snowman that sells potions and other consumables for gold.
    • You cannot buy wares from the other team's Imp.
  • There is a Floating Stone behind each team's snowman which casts Thunder at the opposing team. There is also a Floating Stone close to each team's side which flings Fireballs doing 1 damage at the opposing team. The one on the side acts as a respawn point.
    • The Floating Stone on the side does not belong to anyone at the beginning. Whichever team first occupies the stone's circle for 15 seconds will be able to seize it.
      • It is possible to overtake the enemy's base. The last base captured acts as the respawn point.
        • In order to overtake the enemy's base, there must be more friendly players occupying the base. If there are equal or more enemy players, the base is still secure and the countdown does not start.
  • There are glowing circles around the Trade Assistant Imp and the Floating Stone on the side. The circles rejuvenate health, mana, and stamina to whichever team they belong to, and litter four stacks of 15 Snowballs each minute.
  • Defeating players causes gold to appear where they land. Defeating a Floating Stone affiliated with the opposing team rewards gold.
  • Each minute, all players receive 80 gold.
    • When there are 10 minutes left, all players receive 400 gold.
  • It takes approximately 5-7 seconds for players to respawn after being defeated.
  • If you remain idle for several minutes, you will be kicked out of the battlefield and forfeit any rewards.
  • Talk to Holiday Joe after a round to receive your reward.
    • Winning the snowball fight nets 251,000 EXP, 10,900 gold and a Holiday Joe Gift Piece.
    • The losing team will get 105,700 EXP and 4,200 gold.
  • The "Join 5 Snowball Fights" quest is given each day at 7:00am PDT100 upon logging in.
    • You may also receive this quest by changing channels after 7:00am PDT100.
    • Idling out or exiting before a match ends will not count as a completion for the quest.


  • Pick up as much as gold as possible. You'll need the supplies for the battle.
    • Be generous and donate once in a while. The combination of the two efforts make it worthwhile.
  • Whenever possible, obtain a Movement Speed 60% Boost Potion (10 min). It provides a dramatic boost in speed, is inexpensive, and lasts for half the battle.
  • Use Zero Shot against enemies. It helps keep the enemy stunned and prevents them from running away.
  • Assist the Floating Stone by pelting the enemy with regular snowballs to prevent them from evading their attacks.
  • If playing defensive, stay in the circle right behind the Snowman, as it rejuvenates health once in every while. Also, use Emergency Escape Bomb Bs to blow off anyone surrounding you or the Snowman.
  • If playing offensive, take out the Floating Stone with a Gold Dragon Bugle, and then use Strange Snowball Scrolls or Rag Doll Mercenary Scrolls to finish off the Snowman.
    • The Gold Dragon's Meteor attack is very powerful, but only against the Floating Stone. It is not very effective against the Snowman.
    • The Strange Snowball is essentially a Blinker but only with Beholder Beam Attack, which is useful for offense thanks to its defense/protection piercing abilities. It is also untargetable. However, it only lasts long enough for two attacks.
    • Rag Dolls are basically melee soldiers. Though they can maul the Snowman and are inexpensive, they are highly susceptible to Snow Bombs and Emergency Escape Bomb Bs.
  • Campfires can be used to evade the Fireball attacks casted by the Floating Stones. Once the Fireball is released, make your way to the other side of the campfire.
  • Do not summon mercenaries without a target in sight. This will waste its duration.

Alternate Cooperative Method

  • Agree before entering that one team will win.
  • If on the losing team, idle out or exit without receiving rewards and join the next round. Repeat until on the winning team.
    • If you want the losing rewards and a count towards your quest completion, run toward the winning side and allow them to pummel you.
      • You can also drop any gold that accumulates in your inventory.
  • If on the winning team, it is necessary to destroy the losing team's Floating Stone as it prevents attacking the snowman.
    • In order to acquire gold faster, the winning team may commit suicide with the losing team's floating stone and collect the dropped gold.
      • It may be helpful to designate one person to hold the team's gold so that the Gold Dragon Horn may be bought as soon as possible.
    • Alternatively, several people can attack a floating stone directly as long as someone is always firing to stun-lock it.
  • The benefits of this method are that it speeds up matches and consequently allows more Caravan Joe Gift Pieces to be collected by everyone. This is essentially, players vs. gachapon.


Snowball Fight Event Map.png
  • The snowmen represents where the Snowmen, NPCs, and the team's Floating Stone.
  • The white circle represents capturable Floating Stone bases.


NPC Occupation Location
Merchant Red Team Base
Merchant Blue Team Base

NPC Shops


Join 5 Snowball Fights
How to Get Quest
Briefing Are you having fun joining in snowball fights? Join 5 or more, and I'll give you an AP Potions! You get one potion per day, so be sure to have LOTS of fun for extra AP!

- Holiday Joe

  • Snowball Fight Completed
  • Snowball Fight Completed
  • Snowball Fight Completed
  • Snowball Fight Completed
  • Snowball Fight Completed



Holiday Joe Gift Box 2 Rewards

Enchant Scrolls

Each enchant scroll comes with Magic Powder x3 and Ancient Magic Powder.