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Royal Astronomy Society Sponsorship

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For the game system, see Stardust (System).
For the stardust item, see Stardust.
For the quests to gain access to this page's contents, see Stardust (Sidequest).
For the lore article, see Royal Society of Astronomy.
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The Royal Astronomy Society Sponsorship request system is a feature of Mabinogi that allows players to be rewarded for the completion of assigned quests. In addition to items required to advance in Stardust, the player can also obtain gems, totems, cosmetics, enchants, etc.[1]

Society Sponsorship Quests

  • Players will unlock the Royal Astronomy Society Sponsorship system and receive a guide quest when their character reaches cumulative level 3,000.
  • After completing the guides, players can obtain Society Sponsorship quests from Melwyn in Dunbarton.
    • Players may accept one Item Request Fulfillment (tasks regarding Life skills) and one Core Fragment Collection (tasks regarding Combat skills) at a time.
    • Players may complete an infinite number of Sponsorship quests per real-life day.
    • Players may exchange one Item Request Fulfillment and one Core Fragment Collection every in-game day.
      • This resets at 6:00am.
    • Quests come in five difficulties: A, B, C, D, and E. Higher level requests require a higher character Total Skill Level.
  • For a list of possible Item Request Fulfillment Sponsorship quests, see here.
  • For a list of possible Core Fragment Collection Sponsorship quests, see here.

Total Skill Level

  • Total Skill Level is the cumulative number of ranks in both combat and life skills that a character has.
  • The Total Skill Level is displayed on the Additional Info tab of the Character Info window and at the bottom of the Skill window.
    • Total Skill Level is separated into Total Combat Skill Level and Total Life Skill Level.
Total Skill Level Quest Rank
Society Sponsorship Quest Rank Combat Skill Level Life Skill Level
Rank A 2,000 800
Rank B 1,800 700
Rank C 1,400 500
Rank D 800 300
Rank E 0 0


  • Upon completing a certain total number of Society Sponsorship quests, the player will obtain unique rewards.
    • These include Journal entries, special quests, a title, and more dialogue options with Melwyn.
    • The special quests will be received when talking to Melwyn if the character has no other active Society Sponsorship quests.
Society Sponsorship Milestones
Total Completed Quests Rewards
1 "First-time Contributor" Journal (5 Points)
100 "Consistent Contributor" Journal (10 Points)
Rewards "the Royal Society Sponsor" 1st Title
150 Access to the special quest "Cloudy Skies"
200 "Passionate Supporter" Journal (15 Points)
300 "Steadfast Supporter" Journal (20 Points)
Access to the special quest "An Awkward Request"
500 "Aliech Societies' Esteemed Donor" Journal (25 Points)
1,000 "The Munificent Milletian" Journal (30 Points)


  • All quests reward 10,000 Gold and 50,000 Experience Points.
  • All quests reward Royal Society Sponsorship Badge.png 1-5 Royal Society Sponsorship Badges, with each increase in a quest's rank difficulty rewarding one more Badge upon completion.
  • Item Request Fulfillment Sponsorship Quests reward:
    • Stardust Regulator Frame Connector.png 2 Stardust Regulator Frame Connectors.
    • 2 Simple-Master Stardust Regulator Frames of a rank matching the quest's rank difficulty.
  • Core Fragment Collection Sponsorship Quests reward:
    • Stardust Core Binding Agent.png 2 Stardust Core Binding Agents.
    • 2 Simple-Master Stardust Core Fragments of a rank matching the quest's rank difficulty.
  • Regulator Frames, Connectors, Binding Agents, and Core Fragments are all used to rank up a player's Stardust.
  • Royal Society Sponsorship Badges can be used to purchase a variety of items from Melwyn's store.

Melwyn's Store

  • Purchase Limits reset at Thursdays at 7:00am PDT100.


  • Normally, asking Melwyn to change a current quest while its completed will direct you to hit complete without putting the quest change ability on cooldown. If the player completes the quest before being directed to but after initiating the dialogue, Melwyn will act as if you had changed the quest. This activates the quest change cooldown.


  • If a Shadow Mission received for the Core Fragment Collection Sponsorship quest is the same as the Daily Mission, completing the mission will count for both quests.