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An Astronomical Discovery

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For the item, see Stardust.
For the system, see Stardust (System).
For the script of this questline, see Script - An Astronomical Discovery.
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A strange phenomenon has been discovered by the Royal Society of Astronomy. Small shooting stars have fallen all throughout Erinn. The Society of Astronomy noted that the movement of the stars is now different from any previously recorded. To continue studying these shooting stars, the Society of Astronomy has decided to collect star fragments, known as Stardust. The Astronomical Prodigy, Melwyn, is leading the research efforts.

NPCs involved in Stardust

An Astronomical Discovery

Unstable Mote of Light.png
Name An Astronomical Discovery NPC Melwyn

... You're the Milletian, right? The famous one whose exploits are the talk of the kingdom? I found something unusual, and it might be connected to you somehow. Maybe you'd like to hear more about it... - ???

Stardust - Unstable Mote of Light Artwork.png

Stardust Cores and Regulators

Melwyn.png Name Stardust Cores and Regulators NPC Melwyn
(*Only occurs if the player finished G25)

Since you signed on as a sponsor, many others have expressed their intention to support us as well. As a result, a joint effort between Aliech's academic Societies has pioneered a way to bind Stardust. I'm sure you're interested, so please come see me to learn more. - Melwyn

Stardust Orb Artwork.png

Cloudy Skies

Melwyn.png Name Cloudy Skies NPC Melwyn

I had something I wanted to tell Glenis, but... I forgot what it was. On top of that, I've had coughing fits lately that have been bothersome. I'm sorry to ask this of you, but I can't really leave my station.... - Melwyn

  • Talk to Melwyn in Dunbarton
  • Talk to Glenis in Dunbarton
  • Give 1 Giant Potato to Glenis.
    • You can obtain a Giant Potato from Aeira.
  • Give the Irish Stew to Melwyn.
    • Interact with the glowing spot where Melwyn normally stands.
  • Talk to Manus near the Society Sponsorship tent
    • You will enter a shadow Mission, A Cure for a Fever.
  • Talk to Melwyn in Dunbarton.
  • Completing the quest will award you 50,000 EXP.

An Awkward Request

Purified Apostle Essence.png
Name Cloudy Skies NPC Melwyn

Arrgh... What should I do? I managed to get a good lead, but I can't actually follow up on it myself... - Melwyn