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Divinity is the Milletian's ability to change into a divine form through the combined power of all past powers and transformations. It is believed that an innate aspect of the Milletian is not bound or limited by the laws of Erinn, which allowed this transformation to be. Talvish remarks how this new power is the truest expression of the Milletian's core essence, that their normal form is but a reflection of this true self.

The player receives the Divinity skill tab with all Divinity skills upon completion of The New Divinity mainstream quest.


  • While transformed, the player can only use Crusader Skills, Divine Blast, Blink, and Nova Obliteration.
  • Nascent Divinity cannot be activated with other Transformations.
  • Can be used every 36 minutes real-time (or one in-game day).
    • The cooldown will only activate if the player enters combat or uses Blink while transformed.
    • The player may transform as often as they'd like out of combat.
  • After moving for a short time, the players movement speed will increase.
    • The movement speed boost will only activate once combat is entered and the transformation's duration is counting down.
  • Eidos items can be worn to customize the appearance of the transformation.
  • Unlike other transformations, all Divinity skills have traditional training which can recieve skill training multipliers, apply skill training seals, and uses AP for rank-ups.


The interface showing 14 stacks of Divine Power.
  • When in combat, a gauge appears under the player character. This gauge affects the damage dealt by Divine Blast and Nova Obliteration, up to a maximum of 50 stacks.
  • The following skills increases gauge:
    • Divine Blast adds one stack if the attack meter is full.
    • Celestial Spike adds one stack for each damage tick on the target.
    • Judgment Blade adds one stack for each enemy killed by the attack.

Divinity Skills

Type of Skill Skill Name
Active Nascent Divinity.png Nascent Divinity
Divine Blast.png Divine Blast
Nova Obliteration.png Nova Obliteration
Blink.png Blink


  • The appearance of Divinity completely changes the characters form. They become much larger with clothing/armor similar to that of apostles.
    • The skin color of the transformed player will change with the time of day and is affected by the player's skin color, as well as items that change skin color.
      • The items overriding the player's skin color must first be worn before transforming. Equipping the item once transformed will not work.
      • Some skin colors may render incorrectly on the Divinity.
  • The appearance may be customized through the manage window using Eidos items.
  • All races share the same appearance.

Default Appearance

The form visible with no Eidos items equipped:

Male Female
Nascent Divinity Nascent Divinity (M).png Nascent Divinity (F).png